Western Union and Mastercard explore Digital Payments in Kakuma Refugee Camp

Refugees are now being perceived as being very beneficial to countries, in that they are emerging economies with their own rights and role to play in national economies. It is for this reason that Mastercard and Western Union have formed partnerships to turn these communities into new customers. Kakuma refugee camp is located in Kakuma

Google Will Stop Scanning your emails to Target Ads

Tech giant, Google, is ending its long-standing and controversial practice of scanning individual Gmail messages for advertising purposes, the company has announced. The company has been doing the practice almost since it was launched with the purpose of tailoring advertisements within the email service. The decision is not from the company advertising team but from

Pay for your Madaraka express Tickets via Mpesa

Passengers who consider using the recently- launched Standard Gauge Railway will now enjoy the convenience of paying for train tickets via Mpesa, thus creating a solution to the issue of middlemen who were taking advantage of the ticketing business. The Mpesa services were made possible after Telecommunication Company Safaricom reached a deal with Kenya Railways

Pesalink officially lauched at Ksh2.5 billion mark

The Kenya Bankers Association (KBA) through its fully owned financial technologies firm -Integrated Payment Services Limited (IPSL)-has today officially launched PesaLink, a bank-to-bank money transfer platform, after a four-month pilot phase. The flagship product for IPSL was officially launched this morning by National Treasury Cabinet Secretary, Henry Rotich among other players in the local financial