Luos, stop insulting Kikuyus

In yesterday’s Presidential Debate in the topic of tribalism, two things emerged; that tribal voting patterns shouldn’t be an issue and secondly that the online tribal insults is a form of free speech – but I have major issues when Luos go about insulting Kikuyus (or any other tribe) online or elsewhere. I should also

President Kenyatta

President Kenyatta was set up by NASA to snub the Presidential Debate

The theories why President Kenyatta snubbed the Presidential Debates are many, but one thing that’s true is that President Kenyatta ultimately gave Kenyans the middle finger, no matter how you want to look at it. Imagine this: Last evening there was a Kenyan who left work early. There was another who made sure dinner was

I hate Raila Odinga – but why?

“I hate Raila Odinga”, that’s a confession a close Kikuyu friend made in the height of Raila’s agitation for Okoa Kenya. I asked her why she would hate him that much. Her reasons were not clear but I remember her mentioning Kibera, calls for mass actions in 2007/2008 which she blames for the post elections

Ipsos synovate

“61% of Kenyans” believe Ipsos Synovate doesn’t do random surveys

It is somehow interesting how 61% of Kenyans have held interesting views since 2010. Right now on Twitter the phrase 61% of Kenyans is trending, and if you trace the phrase back to the first tweet, you will find that in April 2010, according to Ipsos Synovate, some 61% of Kenyans had no problems with Karthi

President Uhuru

President Uhuru blocks Kenyans for asking wrong questions at #ChatwithUhuru

#ChatWithUhuru hashtag has trended since last evening, and this is because President Uhuru invited Kenyans to engage him on social media, particularly Facebook, over his  Action Plan for more jobs and lower prices. Join me live on my Facebook page at 9.30am tomorrow to ask me questions about my Action Plan for more jobs and lower