Exquisite Photoshoot locations in Kenya – Thompsons Falls Nyahururu

Thompsons Falls in Nyahururu, just like Lord Egerton Castle, is one of the photography locations in Kenya every photographer ought to take very seriously. As a tourist site, the location is endowed with unique sceneries  that would provide a photographer with rich backgrounds for portraits and model photography. In addition to the waterfall that can

Infinix phones

Why you must avoid Infinix Phones like a plague

I am an ardent user of Infinix Phones, having praised the phones severally in articles like this one here. In 2015 I started using Infinix phones after receiving my first Infinix device from Infinix Mobility itself. It was an Infinix Hot 2, the first Android One smartphone in Africa. I lost the phone a few

Safaricom Promo Messages

You can actually get out of those irritating Safaricom Promo Text Messages

Look at this irritating Safaricom Promo Text Message: The problem with this Safaricom Promo Text Message, to me, is twofold: first I have never found myself in a situation where I need to Okoa Jahazi. Secondly, the only one time I wanted to try out the Okoa Jahazi instead of buying airtime directly from my

Mention someone in Facebook

How to mention someone properly in a Facebook Post

You most probably know how to do this, mention someone properly in a Facebook post. But you’d be surprised that there are million and one others who have no idea why, how and when to mention someone in a Facebook post. Personally I have been surprised just how clueless some Facebook users are when it