Telkom Kenya drops Orange tag and rebrands to Telkom Kenya

Early last year Helios Investment Partners was given the green light to purchase majority shares in Telkcom Kenya. After the purchase went through, Telkcom Kenya started prioritizing the use of Telkcom Kenya in press releases and other public communications, but the name change had not been made official as part of the deal allowed Telkcom Kenya


NGOs urged to lead the way on sustainable development goals

M-PESA and Safaricom foundations today held a forum with their partners from the Mt Kenya and North Eastern region to discuss the Sustainable Development Goals where they asked NGOs to play a critical role in localizing the goals. The SDGs are a new universal set of goals, targets, and indicators aimed at ending poverty, protecting

Ugandan pipeline to pass through Tanzania and not Kenya

Uganda and Tanzania signed an agreement on their proposed $3.55 billion crude export pipeline on Friday, a key milestone for the project, which is expected to start pumping Ugandan oil to international markets in three years. An official at Uganda’s Ministry of Energy said the agreement covered terms on tax incentives for the project, implementation

Kenya tops 4th Africa Prospect Indicator

Kenya is the leading Africa Prospect Indicator for Micro Business, Consumer, and Retail markets. This is according to Nielsen’s 4th Africa Prospects Indicator report which attributes Kenya’s performance to a resurgent tourism sector as well as increased foreign direct investment resulting in infrastructure projects that have spurred the diversified economy. Kenya has been in the upper regions of