Boycott Safaricom

The NRM Militia are realising it is impossible to boycott Safaricom

They call themselves militia. NASA supporters that is. As members of National Resistant Movement, these supporters have taken it upon themselves to obey orders issued by their movement to boycott certain companies claimed to have bedded the alleged oppressive Jubilee regime. The companies that were to be boycotted are Safaricom, Brookside and Bidco, but weeks

Nairobi Matatu CBD Ban

The Nairobi Matatu CBD Ban is total crap that won’t help ease any traffic

I hope the Matatu CBD Ban by Governor Mike Sonko will come to pass. I hope that a possible Matatu strike will not force him to take back his Gazette notice stating that from September 20th 2017 no Matatu will be allowed to reach CBD. I hope the Matatu CBD Ban will be enforced for

Kenya Plastic Ban

The only thing stupid in the Kenya Plastic ban is the Kshs 4 million fine

Kenya plastic ban went into effect midnight last night, and although you will not be arrested today if spotted carrying a plastic bag, the arrests are bound to start taking place in due course. In the wake of the Kenya plastic ban, a number of people including Ephraim Njega and Kennedy Kachwanya have poked holes

Mayweather vs Mcgregor

How to watch Mayweather vs Mcgregor from Kenya

Mayweather is probably the boxer who is going to have his first loss ever since he entered professional boxing 21 years ago, having won 49 matches and lost zero. In 2015, Mayweather narrowly won against Pacquiao of Philippines, an escape that he may not have against the Irish mixed martial arts and  professional boxer Conor