Mention someone in Facebook

How to mention someone properly in a Facebook Post

You most probably know how to do this, mention someone properly in a Facebook post. But you’d be surprised that there are million and one others who have no idea why, how and when to mention someone in a Facebook post. Personally I have been surprised just how clueless some Facebook users are when it

Lord Egerton Castle

Exquisite Photography Locations in Kenya – Photoshoot at Lord Egerton Castle

There are two careers that every body is giving a try – blogging and photography. Today, anyone who can afford a simple non-smartphone non-compact camera considers himself a photographer. By non-smartphone non-compact cameras I mean those compact cameras with zoom lenses, like the one I have. I for example consider myself a photographer although I

How Raila

How Raila conferred to the government the right to violate the Constitution

In one straight week, the government has defiled at least four constitutional principles following the mock swearing in of Rt. Hon. Raila Amollo Odinga. The defilement of the constitution include the government’s refusal to honour court order to restore the broadcast of the four television stations it had shut down, the barring of Okiya Omtata