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Why Technology addiction is not good to kids

Technology addiction can be different depending on the electronic gadgets.Technology refers to methods, systems, and devices which are the result of scientific knowledge being used for practical purposes.Technology is very important because it is used for almost everything it has changed people’s lifestyles, communication, entertainment and work. It has helped businesses as well as individuals to elevate

Why Kenyan music scene is crappy

Kenyan music scene is comprised of different genres. They include: gospel, kapuka, genge, ghetto hip-hop, rock, benga,spoken word and many others. One of the notable genres that has gained prominence is gospel music that has gradually gained broad acceptance and continues to receive massive airplay across various media platforms. One of the most critical conversations

Kenya Power

No, Kenya Power is not stealing from you – it’s just but payback time

Someone knows that you demand some Kshs 50, or Kshs 100, or Kshs 500 so that you can vote for them. He knows there are about 20 million of you that should be given the Kshs 200 on average for the votes, working out to be around Ksh 4 billion. In addition, this guy knows


This year, If you must watch old movies, watch them on ShowMax

Happy new year to you. 2018 seems to be a year in which every Kenyan has high hopes for a better future; better business prospects, better hopes in the entertainment industry and generally optimism in life. In the entertainment industry, those doing films have even higher hopes. This is because in 2017 one of the