How Raila

How Raila conferred to the government the right to violate the Constitution

In one straight week, the government has defiled at least four constitutional principles following the mock swearing in of Rt. Hon. Raila Amollo Odinga. The defilement of the constitution include the government’s refusal to honour court order to restore the broadcast of the four television stations it had shut down, the barring of Okiya Omtata

Kenya Power

No, Kenya Power is not stealing from you – it’s just but payback time

Someone knows that you demand some Kshs 50, or Kshs 100, or Kshs 500 so that you can vote for them. He knows there are about 20 million of you that should be given the Kshs 200 on average for the votes, working out to be around Ksh 4 billion. In addition, this guy knows

General elections

Why next General Elections cannot be held on August 2021 as some want us to believe

You all know Mungai Kihanya, he writes the World of Figures on Sunday Nation. On Sunday June 26 2016, he wrote an article in the same Sunday Nation titled Elections should be in 2021, not 2022 that apparently attracted the attention of very few Kenyans. Although the article was written over a year ago, we haven’t

Miguna Miguna

Kenyans threaten to ditch #Sidebar thanks to a spat between Larry Madowo and Miguna Miguna

#Sidebar, the Wednesday prime time TV talk show by Larry Madowo went waywire, thrice. The first time was when Miguna Miguna called Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto demagogues. The second time was when Miguna Miguna referred to Senator Murkomen and MP Jenny Shamalla as Jubilee hags and lastly when he said that revolutions are made