No kidding, Britam scooped all but one 2017 Think Business Investment Awards

Think Business Investment Awards is an annual Award organised by Think Business Limited, a company that prides itself as  a strategic research and competitive intelligence powerhouse that serves the information needs of investors, policy makers and business leaders. To reward its banking, insurance and SACCO clients, Think Business Limited organizes the annual Think Business Investment Awards that

NASA Rally

Why NASA Rally puts Uhuru Kenyatta between a rock and a hard place

The Inauguration is finally here, and not only will it be attended by the Prime Minister of Canaan (Israel) Benjamin Netanyahu, but other Western and Eastern dignitaries including those from UK and China are coming to validate Uhuru Kenyatta’s win. As you may have expected, Raila cannot have none of that. Raila cannot be happy

equity digital

Equitel among Equity digital products driving up Equity Bank’s performance

Mid October we told you how Equitel is taking on MPESA tortoise by tortoise, and is happens these tortoise steps are actually helping Equity Bank’s performance. According to a press statement sent this morning to, Equitel is one of the Equity digital products that have posted strong performance. The press statement has been sent