The 4G/3G network coverage hitch affecting 11,155 polling stations was artificially created

Following an earlier statement by IEBC that there are 11,155 polling stations across the country without 3G/4G network coverage, Kenyans on Twitter including me demanded from IEBC to publish the entire list of all affected polling stations. The IEBC has since responded and provided this link.   The actual polling stations with poor network signal

Something is not adding up with the IEBC list of polling stations that lack 4G/3G networks

There are 40,883 polling stations spread across the country. Earlier today, IEBC released a statement indicating that 11,155 of the polling stations do not have 4G/3G network coverage. The statement by the IEBC has elicited on outrage on Twitter, with many questioning why the IEBC is releasing the statement right now – merely a day

Infotrak results

My issues with the latest Infotrak Results

There are three Opinion Poll results that have been released today, the one from Infotrak, Ipsos and CTD. The Infotrak results predict a Raila win with 49% of the votes against Uhuru’s 48%, Ipsos Synovate Poll predicts an Uhuru win with 47% of the vote against Raila’s 44%, and the unknown pollster called Centre for Transitional

Raila to get 19% of Meru votes, pushing Raila to an easy win- TIFA Research

Elections are exactly one week away and as the day gets closer, predictions on who will win become a betting game. Actually, as a matter of fact, there is a betting company that is already set up to get part of your money if you can predict who will win whatever elections – I guess

Presidential debate

Raila gained more than 3% new voters from the Presidential Debate

In about one week, both Infotrak and Ipsos Synovate will release their last opinion poll results before the August 8th general elections. In the previous results released on Sunday 23rd 2017, Infotrak had Raila leading with 47% while Uhuru following closely at 46%. The undecided voters were 6%. Ipsos on the other hand had Uhuru