jobless kenyans

No amount of entrepreneurship can save jobless Kenyans from a shrinking economy

Total Unemployment in Kenya is at around 39% with the unemployed youth standing at approximately 20%. It is ironic that Kenya being the regional economic powerhouse by per capita earnings (having been overtaken by Ethiopia in 2015 on Gross GDP), has the highest number of unemployment rate in the region, forcing many jobless Kenyans to

Raila on Ezra Chiloba

Someone tell Raila Ezra Chiloba is not the problem; let him focus on the problem

Dear Raila, replacing IEBC Commissioners with another crop of Kenyans will change nothingĀ is the title of an article I wrote in April 2016 in the heat of demands by CORD for IEBC Commissioners to go home. Consequent to that article was an Interview I had with Radio France International in which I explained why targeting

Chris Msando killed in vain

The Media and NASA are the ones that failed Chris Msando – He didn’t have to die

It is now a given that Chris Msando was killed so that it could be possible for someone to create unauthorized accounts in IEBC servers for the accounts to be used for adulteration of presidential results. This I say because Wafula Chebukati through a memo asked Ezra Chiloba why an account under his name was