nurses strike

122 days of nurses strike reveal how Kenyans don’t need nurses

Other than the baby who was born with its brain outside the skull and died, Roba Salat who died from chronic TB in Tana River on the very day nurses strike commenced, hundreds of premature babies who have been transferred to private hospitals for incubation services with some dying in the process, celebrity actor Maureen Wanza

October 17th

What will happen if there will be no elections on October 17th 2017?

NASA is adamant that unless specific changes are made within IEBC, changes they have called bare minimum demands, then there will be no elections in Kenya on October 17th 2017. The NASA Principals have gone ahead to clarify that what will happen will not be an election boycott, but simply that Kenya will not hold

Judge Maraga

The Ngunjiri Petition against Judge Maraga is a Jubilee’s orchestrated Game Plan?

Politicians make mistakes, sometimes fatal ones. Kalonzo Musyoka made his when two days to August 8th General Elections he said that Mt. Kenya will lie low. Raila made his in Kajiado when he said those who want to buy land in Kajiado have their homes too, and he continues to make a grave one whenever

NASA Campaigns kitty Pay Bill Number

Citizen Contributions to NASA Campaigns is the best thing to have happened to Kenya’s Democracy

KTN News is reporting that NASA Pay Bill 991444 has so far received slightly over Kshs 1 billion in contributions meant to fuel NASA campaigns. I haven’t been able to verify this from any NASA official communication channels, but this is the figure being shared by a number of NASA bloggers on social media. By

Jubilee Arguments

Three Jubilee Arguments that don’t make any sense

If there is anything Jubilee never saw coming is the annulment of August 8th 2017 Presidential Election. As evidence that the annulment caught them off guard, the party’s Presidential Candidate and temporal President of Kenya Uhuru Kenyatta started threatening the Judges that voted for the invalidation of the ┬áthe election. Not only that, but since