South Africa

Why attempt by South Africa to get justice for her black people may endanger the lives of blacks elsewhere in the world

Expropriation of land without compensation is a phrase becoming synonymous with South Africa. The phrase refers to the current political debate pitying majority poor and landless blacks against minority wealthy white landowners. The racial debate has existed since way before the end of apartheid era administration. It was one of the pillars of the ANC

Plastic bags black market

Black markets for plastic bags are emerging to be the new cash cows that will rival drugs, guns and ivory

Two of my friends, Ephraim Njenga and Kennedy Kachwanya, have been very vocal opponents of the ban on plastic bags. According to them, the ban was carried out before an all inclusive stakeholder consultation was done. Specifically, Ephraim Njenga has termed the ban as a simplistic approach to a complex problem that needs a well

rural areas

The overlooked Rural Areas – It is a grievous misconception to think Rural equals Poverty

Rural areas are arguably the most overlooked spaces in Africa. This is true both in terms of government services as well as corporate attention. Decision-makers have very little access to credible information about these remote rural spaces, and as a result, they can be tempted to act on misconceptions about an area’s economic activity, population,