NASA economic boycott

What people get wrong regarding the NASA economic boycott

There is something I am not sure about, whether the NASA economic boycott was an afterthought or was something pre-planned – that is, whether it was the route NASA was to take in case Supreme Court upheld Uhuru’s election or it something that was concocted days after NASA realized they won’t be participating in the

General elections

Why next General Elections cannot be held on August 2021 as some want us to believe

You all know Mungai Kihanya, he writes the World of Figures on Sunday Nation. On Sunday June 26 2016, he wrote an article in the same Sunday Nation titled¬†Elections should be in 2021, not 2022 that apparently attracted the attention of very few Kenyans. Although the article was written over a year ago, we haven’t

90 days

I can swear there will be no elections in 90 days – Next election is due on August 2022

NASArite better believe that Canaan is no more. Yesterday NASA leader Raila Odinga issues yet another promise saying that Canaan is still on course, and that he’ll issue a way forward tomorrow. Many believe him because according to them Raila has never been wrong, but Raila was wrong that there won’t be an election on

nurses strike

122 days of nurses strike reveal how Kenyans don’t need nurses

Other than the baby who was born with its brain outside the skull and died, Roba Salat who died from chronic TB in Tana River on the very day nurses strike commenced, hundreds of premature babies who have been transferred to private hospitals for incubation services with some dying in the process, celebrity actor Maureen Wanza

October 17th

What will happen if there will be no elections on October 17th 2017?

NASA is adamant that unless specific changes are made within IEBC, changes they have called bare minimum demands, then there will be no elections in Kenya on October 17th 2017. The NASA Principals have gone ahead to clarify that what will happen will not be an election boycott, but simply that Kenya will not hold