fresh election

Why Lawyers are confused on whether we will have a Fresh Election or a Rerun Election

Supreme Court nullified the reelection of President Uhuru Kenyatta, and so the country must hold another Presidential Election within 60 days after the nullification. The question now is, will the country hold a fresh election, a rerun or a runoff? I have included runoff in the above statement so as to define it. Although a

Supreme Court Ruling

Despite Supreme Court Ruling, free and fair Presidential Elections in Kenya is still a pipe dream

Supreme Court ruling rendered today in Kenya is the biggest landmark ruling on Presidential Elections in the history of Africa, and probably anywhere in the world. Recently, the Constitutional Court of Austria nullified the election of their President based on findings such as “officials responsible for counting votes had paid little regard to official guidelines”

Remember Raila did not go to Supreme Court with hopes of winning

If you are a NASA supporter it is important to remember that Raila never went to the Supreme Court with hopes that he will be able to overturn the reelection of President elect Uhuru Kenyatta, but “to lay before the world the making of a computer generated leadership”. In an address to the Nation aired

How to logically and statistically explain the alleged IEBC Algorithm

My last two articles on this site are about statistics, first explaining why Amollo Otiende can be excused for not being able to differentiate between x and x, and secondly going into details on the formula Y=1.2045x + 183546 and how that formula indicates a possible manipulation of votes by use of an IEBC Algorithm.

Split Kenya

What secessionists want addressed else we split Kenya – #Letstalksecession

Emilio Mwai Kibaki had the best chance to unite Kenyans after the 2002 elections. Other than the Kalenjin nation, the rest of the country voted overwhelmingly for Mwai Kibaki, something that probably can only be rivaled by the support Jomo Kenyatta received when he became the first Kenya’s Prime Minister and and the first President.