Kenya Media Houses

Kenya Media houses should send reporters to every single polling station

To assure free, fair, transparent, credible and verifiable elections, the law provides for political candidates to send agents to observe the electoral process right inside polling stations. Although this has been the case since the ballot was introduced in Kenya, electoral malpractice has not stopped. One reason is that candidates’ agents monitoring the elections at


Celebrating the flopped #DebatesKE is missing the big picture

Whether or not the Presidential Debates have any realistic effects on how voters finally vote have been up for debate, not here in Kenya that has held only one successful Presidential Debate and a flobbed Deputy Presidential debate, but in the US where Presidential Debates have become part and parcel of the presidential elections. The

Why Nairobi Cholera outbreak has hit on elites

Over the last several weeks, Kenya has experienced a unique Nairobi Cholera outbreak that seems hell-bent to targeting only the elites in Nairobi. The outbreaks started at a Karen wedding which saw several people hospitalized and two dead. In the Karen outbreak, it was said that travelers from Western parts of the country were the

Kenyan Elections can be postponed in two ways without causing a constitutional crisis

“Don’t count your eggs before they hatch” is a saying one would use to warn both Jubilee and NASA not to count their victories before the Kenyan Elections scheduled for August 8th 2017 are held. However, although it appears the elections on August 8th will happen without fail as the date is cast on stone