Jubilee Campaign Strategy

New Jubilee Campaign Strategy – Create problems for Uhuru to solve

Jubilee is busy, busy creating problems for Uhuru Kenyatta to solve. And this seems to be the new Jubilee Campaign Strategy. Jubilee has already created and solved one – the Maraga Petition. Right now they are into the second problem -the Nairobi Matatu CBD Ban. The new Jubilee Campaign Strategy is not a new strategy

NASA bloggers

NASA Bloggers should stop blaming Peter Munya

It has taken me hours to come to terms that Peter Munya is back to Jubilee, hardly a week after I wrote that he had taken with him some little value to NASA.  Not just me, the news that Munya has gone back to Jubilee has also taken many NASA Supporters and NASA bloggers with

NASA Supporters

Why many NASA supporters are planning to boycott October 17th fresh election

Apathy in NASA strongholds is one reason Raila has not become President, at least after 2007, 2013 and now 2017 elections. It is true elections have been rigged in those years, but that’s because he didn’t command a landslide win that no amount of rigging could bridge – a win akin to Kibaki’s tsunami trounce

Impeach Raila

Jubilee will have to impeach both Raila and Kalonzo to get back the Presidency

Temporary President Uhuru Kenyatta has threatened to impeach Raila Odinga if by any chance Raila Odinga is elected as Kenya’s fifth President. Mr. Uhuru Kenyatta actually said they have the numbers to carry out the impeachment within two to three months after the likely event Raila is elected. The statement by Uhuru Kenyatta has sparked