Jubilee beats NASA

Jubilee beats NASA in digital campaigns – #MadarakaExpress

If there was one thing that cost CORD the 2013 elections, is the lackluster disoriented campaigns that hardly featured online. In 2007, the ODM fraternity had this energy and online coordination that surprised even the pundits. Ads by PNU were smartly countered (remember the┬ákama si domo… response that sent cold waves in PNU’s spine?) In

President Uhuru has damning files against Mwakwere but refuses to act on them

Corruption is a national security threat, President Uhuru declared in October 2015. At the same time, the President talked tough on EACC and the office of DPP to ensure they thoroughly investigate and bring to books those implicated in corruption. This was after he had tabled the list of shame in parliament earlier in the

Losers at Party Primaries should not be allowed to run as independent candidates

The huge number of individuals running as independent candidates in this year’s general elections is worrying. As has been noted, the reason we have political parties is so that people willing to put themselves up for electoral position can be limited to a manageable level. However, we are in the 2010 constitution era which allows

The one indisputable reason why any sane person should vote for NASA

  Written by Ephraim Njega THE 2017 ELECTION IS A CHOICE BETWEEN A PROVEN FAILURE AND A POTENTIAL SUCCESS. I do not understand why some people want to distort debate and claim that I have presented NASA leaders as Messiahs who will perform miracles for the country. NASA leaders have their weaknesses just like anyone