The one indisputable reason why any sane person should vote for NASA

  Written by Ephraim Njega THE 2017 ELECTION IS A CHOICE BETWEEN A PROVEN FAILURE AND A POTENTIAL SUCCESS. I do not understand why some people want to distort debate and claim that I have presented NASA leaders as Messiahs who will perform miracles for the country. NASA leaders have their weaknesses just like anyone

The Government is squarely to blame for the effects of drought

If you are just arriving in Kenya or waking up from some pit-hole of darkness, here is the news; the price of Unga has been over Kshs 150 for weeks. Fresh news indicate that the price of 500ml packet of pasteurized milk has reached an all time high of Kshs 60 and Kshs 65 at other

We have to make Political manifestos to be legally binding documents

Campaigns are already underway, and hardly two weeks ago a new movement in the political scene in Kenya was formed. They call themselves NASA. As part of their agreement, the four principals of NASA unveiled a 9 point document that we have no doubt will be part of their political manifesto. Political manifestos, or rather published