IFRS-9 Financial Standards

Kenya is not yet ready for IFRS-9 – the new a must use international financial reporting standards

After attending the Barclays Bank workshop on IFRS-9 on Monday last week, I couldn’t help but come to the conclusion that Kenya has a special place in unpreparedness. Sadly, the Barclays Bank workshop came at a time when Confederation of African Football had stripped Kenya the rights to host the 2017 CHAN tournament, citing among other

government expenditure

Government Expenditure is getting out of hand

New government needs to reign in government expenditure. The leaders who take office in Kenya after the October 26 presidential poll will need to reign in expenditure to improve the economy’s prospects according to ICAEW’s (the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales) latest report. In Economic Insight: Africa Q3 2017 launched today, the accountancy and finance body

New Election laws

New Election Laws and how Jubilee is planning to rig repeat elections

2013 Presidential Election was rigged. That we all know. There are studies based on exit polls that have been done to prove this point. However, the rigging in 2013 was not as massive as that of 2017, since the 2013 rigging was simply to ensure Uhuru Kenyatta passes the magical 50%+1 number. In 2017 however,

Madaraka Express

Madaraka Express aims to kick out middlemen with *639# and MPESA

Since the launch of Madarak Express otherwise known as SGR Trains back in June 2017, there have been mixed reviews on the experience of using the trains, right from traveling to the train stations, booking the tickets, waiting, enjoying the 5 hour journey between Nairobi and Mombasa,to arrival at the final destination. Top of the

Njoki Ndung'u

Why the judgment by Njoki Ndung’u should be shredded to pieces and trashed

September 20th 2017 was literally a judgement day in Kenya. 12 hours of judgement, that’s what some Kenyans including myself persevered to listen to all day yesterday. Interestingly though, 8 of those hours were hours spent by JB Ojwang’ and Njoki Ndung’u whose judgments have no bearing in the matter at hand except to be used