Facebook See First Feature

How to circumvent the boring Facebook Algorithm using Facebook See First feature

Last week a number of people over at Facebook complained how Facebook has become boring. This is due to a newsfeed algorithm that Facebook started rolling a few years ago that prioritises interactions between friends who care for each other. In the Facebook algorithm, Facebook has ensured that updates from friends one hardly interacts with

Plastic bags black market

Black markets for plastic bags are emerging to be the new cash cows that will rival drugs, guns and ivory

Two of my friends, Ephraim Njenga and Kennedy Kachwanya, have been very vocal opponents of the ban on plastic bags. According to them, the ban was carried out before an all inclusive stakeholder consultation was done. Specifically, Ephraim Njenga has termed the ban as a simplistic approach to a complex problem that needs a well

No it is not true, Safaricom Internet does not run out faster than Airtel Internet

If I may ask, why is anyone still using Safaricom Internet in the era of Faiba 4G? You live in Nairobi. You always complain how Safaricom Internet is expensive. What the hell is wrong with you? Haven’t you heard of Airtel or even Telkom Internet? Okay, you have tried those, but found them unreliable. What

Exquisite Photoshoot locations in Kenya – Thompsons Falls Nyahururu

Thompsons Falls in Nyahururu, just like Lord Egerton Castle, is one of the photography locations in Kenya every photographer ought to take very seriously. As a tourist site, the location is endowed with unique sceneries  that would provide a photographer with rich backgrounds for portraits and model photography. In addition to the waterfall that can

Infinix phones

Why you must avoid Infinix Phones like a plague

I am an ardent user of Infinix Phones, having praised the phones severally in articles like this one here. In 2015 I started using Infinix phones after receiving my first Infinix device from Infinix Mobility itself. It was an Infinix Hot 2, the first Android One smartphone in Africa. I lost the phone a few