Beware of Cholera outbreak in Karen and the rest of Nairobi

As you go about doing your business in the streets and estates of Nairobi, beware of the Cholera outbreak in the city. So far, three deaths related to the Cholera outbreak in Kayole have been reported alongside confirmed five clinical cases of patients admitted in Nairobi hospital. Three other deaths that could be Cholera related

Online free speech is our human right, says 85% of African youth

GeoPoll polled more than 4,000 youth to understand their perceptions on social media, internet regulation, and online free speech. In the first of two segments of this analysis, GeoPoll dug into youth’s perception of their rights and the role of government with regard to online free speech and social media. Surveying youth in Ghana, Kenya,

Safaricom commits ksh65 million to 5th edition of athletics series

Safaricom launched the 5th edition of the Safaricom Athletics Series, officially kicking off the annual athletics calendar at a ceremony held at the Michael Joseph Centre. The Athletics Series, which is now in its fifth year, will be sponsored by the telecommunications firm at a cost of KSh.65 million, an amount that includes direct cash