Kenya tops 4th Africa Prospect Indicator

Kenya is the leading Africa Prospect Indicator for Micro Business, Consumer, and Retail markets. This is according to Nielsen’s 4th Africa Prospects Indicator report which attributes Kenya’s performance to a resurgent tourism sector as well as increased foreign direct investment resulting in infrastructure projects that have spurred the diversified economy. Kenya has been in the upper regions of

Kenyans retire with only 22% of their pre-retirement salaries

A leading financial services player, Alexander Forbes, says that Kenyans cannot maintain their present lifestyle on retirement, as their earning is a meagre 22 percent of their pre-retirement salaries. While briefing over 100 participating employers of the Alexander Forbes Retirement Fund yesterday evening on the investment environment and the outlook on market performance for the

Losers at Party Primaries should not be allowed to run as independent candidates

The huge number of individuals running as independent candidates in this year’s general elections is worrying. As has been noted, the reason we have political parties is so that people willing to put themselves up for electoral position can be limited to a manageable level. However, we are in the 2010 constitution era which allows