How to logically and statistically explain the alleged IEBC Algorithm

My last two articles on this site are about statistics, first explaining why Amollo Otiende can be excused for not being able to differentiate between x and x, and secondly going into details on the formula Y=1.2045x + 183546 and how that formula indicates a possible manipulation of votes by use of an IEBC Algorithm.

Raila Petition

Details of IEBC Algorithm that Amollo Otiende Presented during NASA Petition hearing

Yesterday Amollo Otiende presented a graphical linear regression formula in the form of Y= a +bX where Y is the dependent variable representing cumulative votes for Uhuru at any particular point in time during results transmission, a is the Y intercept representing votes Uhuru could have had at the hypothetical point where Raila’s votes were

Raila Petition

Why Amollo Otiende confused ‘x’ with ‘times’ in the ongoing Raila Petition

2 x 2 = 4 is straightforward mathematical sentence that everyone who has set foot in an elementary class is aware of. The Problem comes when dealing with algebra where alphanumeric symbols are used as part of mathematical equations, equations such as y = mx + c. Should one for instance read the ‘x’ in

Kenya Plastic Ban

The only thing stupid in the Kenya Plastic ban is the Kshs 4 million fine

Kenya plastic ban went into effect midnight last night, and although you will not be arrested today if spotted carrying a plastic bag, the arrests are bound to start taking place in due course. In the wake of the Kenya plastic ban, a number of people including Ephraim Njega and Kennedy Kachwanya have poked holes

Mayweather vs Mcgregor

How to watch Mayweather vs Mcgregor from Kenya

Mayweather is probably the boxer who is going to have his first loss ever since he entered professional boxing 21 years ago, having won 49 matches and lost zero. In 2015, Mayweather narrowly won against Pacquiao of Philippines, an escape that he may not have against the Irish mixed martial arts and  professional boxer Conor