Kenya MPs Pay rise

We have no business asking MPs to accept pay cut

Did you see the huge crowds during the campaigns? You loved them, right? You boasted that your party had larger crowds than the other party’s crowds, right? Do you think those crowds formed by themselves? You must have heard that there were crowds for hire, crowds being ferried from rallies to rallies, and people being

Split Kenya

What secessionists want addressed else we split Kenya – #Letstalksecession

Emilio Mwai Kibaki had the best chance to unite Kenyans after the 2002 elections. Other than the Kalenjin nation, the rest of the country voted overwhelmingly for Mwai Kibaki, something that probably can only be rivaled by the support Jomo Kenyatta received when he became the first Kenya’s Prime Minister and and the first President.

David Ndii

David Ndii calls for Separation – When Central and Rift Valley called for Secession

Is David Ndii paranoid? I have been to Sudan twice, in 2010 and early 2011 before South Sudan became a Republic. In both occasions, it dawned on me that of the African countries I have been to, Sudanese are the most hospitable, most friendly. They care, always ready to help a stranger. During my visits

Jubilee Lawyers

Why Jubilee Lawyers believe they will crush NASA Petition in the Supreme Court

How strong is NASA Petition? NASA lawyers believe they have filed the strongest petition supported by over 25,000 pages of evidence. Alongside the evidence are affidavits filed by experts, IEBC Returning Officers, Presiding Officers and few other witnesses who will demonstrate how the elections were flawed. However, when you flip the coin, you get Jubilee

githeri man

Githeri Man – Proof that you should not go yada yada about Privacy

There is someone reading this article who would literally kill another person, also reading this article, if the second person took the first person’s picture in public and went ahead to post the picture on social media. As it happened, githeri man didn’t mind his picture being taken and subsequently photoshopped in all manner of