NCIC is right to crack down on social media hate mongers – #WhatsAppAdmins

WhatsApp Group Admins are up in arms against Francis Ole Kaparo, reason being the decision by NCIC to ago after social media hate mongers hellbent on inciting Kenyans against one another. In a press conference jointly held by the¬†Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government and the Judiciary explaining the country’s preparedness towards the

Election day will come and go? No, it will come and change the entire fabric of governance

There are several statements that have been said in regards to corruption and the forthcoming general elections that I find completely¬†irritating; one of them being, “What have you done for the government?” Others include, “Instead of complaining, why don’t you offer solutions?” “Have they stolen your mother’s money?” “Preach peace” “Election day will come and

The one indisputable reason why any sane person should vote for NASA

  Written by Ephraim Njega THE 2017 ELECTION IS A CHOICE BETWEEN A PROVEN FAILURE AND A POTENTIAL SUCCESS. I do not understand why some people want to distort debate and claim that I have presented NASA leaders as Messiahs who will perform miracles for the country. NASA leaders have their weaknesses just like anyone