How compromised IEBC Servers and lack of form 34As speak for stolen elections

The 2017 elections are almost behind us, but not yet. The reelected President Kenyatta is yet to be sworn in whereas NASA presidential candidate Raila Amolo Odinga is set to make a major announcement detailing the way forward for his supporters following his refusal to concede defeat. Raila’s refusal to concede defeat stems from the

2017 is the best for Kenyan women yet in the political landscape

The hurdles Kenyan women must surmount to clinch political seats have been identified, analyzed, and recommendations on how to overcome them suggested. These hurdles include cultural beliefs that view women as servants and not heads, susceptibility to violence, and the crooked strategies their male counterparts normally employ to block them from participating in political contests.

2017 Campaigns

I didn’t see any woman politician on TV during the 2017 campaigns

Of course I saw Joyce Laboso, and Esther Passaris, and Wavinya Ndeti; and some glimpses of Charity Ngilu, Martha Karua and Anne Waiguru. What I mean is that I didn’t see any woman politician defending party positions in any discussion panels hosted on any TV station during the 2017 campaigns – panels that Nanjira Sambuli,

Kenyan Elections

How to rectify the Kenyan Elections going forward

In close to call elections, Kenyan Elections will always have problems as long as a manual system still exists. The reason 2002 elections were seen as free and fair is because the gap between Mwai Kibaki and Uhuru Kenyatta was so huge that no amount of rigging could bridge it. However, in elections where the

Kenya Elections 2017

FINAL PREDICTIONS on Kenya Elections 2017 – Raila 5O.75%, Uhuru 48.03%

This article first appeared at In the course of this electioneering period, we at KachTech Media (owners of and have made three predictions in regards to Kenya Elections 2017. The first prediction was done by Kennedy Kachwanya in the article Talking Numbers -Jubilee 70%+1 Vs NASA 10 Million Strong, then Odipo Riaga made