5 counties

These 5 counties say Raila Odinga will become the 5th President

Is Canaan real? We will know that in less than a week. Less than a week because after the vote is cast on August 8th, the electoral commission has up to seven days to announce the results of the Presidential results. Although we expect the incoming President to be known in a few hours after

Is there really an Algorithm in IEBC servers that will deduct Raila votes?

Kenyans on social media have expressed concern that during the live test run of the transmission technology at Bomas by the IEBC, Raila votes were one less compared to the rest of the candidates. Whereas each candidate received 218 votes, Raila’s votes were only 217 – an error that meant all other candidates tied at

Chris Msando

Why Jubilee/NASA could not have killed Chris Msando

It is exactly one week to elections, a time when the IEBC is supposed to be conducting a national test for its ICT infrastructure for relaying the 2017 elections results. Sadly, and may his soul rest in peace, the IEBC Manager Chris Msando who was in charge of the ICT systems has been found dead

Raila to get 19% of Meru votes, pushing Raila to an easy win- TIFA Research

Elections are exactly one week away and as the day gets closer, predictions on who will win become a betting game. Actually, as a matter of fact, there is a betting company that is already set up to get part of your money if you can predict who will win whatever elections – I guess

Social Media Analysis predicts a 50% win for Raila in the 2017 Presidential elections

Kenyans on Twitter and to an extent Facebook have been accused as being useless in as far as determining the future of this country goes. They have been called cowards, spectators, and comfortable middle class lazy bigots who do nothing other than type on their screens to complain when things seem to go wrong. But