Presidential debate

Raila gained more than 3% new voters from the Presidential Debate

In about one week, both Infotrak and Ipsos Synovate will release their last opinion poll results before the August 8th general elections. In the previous results released on Sunday 23rd 2017, Infotrak had Raila leading with 47% while Uhuru following closely at 46%. The undecided voters were 6%. Ipsos on the other hand had Uhuru

BREAKING: IEBC to do away with live transmission of Presidential results

IEBC has just made a major announcement, there will be no live streaming of Presidential Results from the polling stations. Instead, the commission intends to collect results as announced by the returning officers at the 290 constituencies then announce the final results. This comes as the electoral body updates its streaming technology such that the

The President

No Kenyan with a brain can believe The President on why he snubbed the debate

If you believe that Debates is a waste of time, please read this article first. I’ll wait… Now that you have read it, do you still agree with The President that debates are a waste of time? In ¬†another article, I have outlined theories attempting to explain why The President snubbed the Presidential Debate, and

Luos, stop insulting Kikuyus

In yesterday’s Presidential Debate in the topic of tribalism, two things emerged; that tribal voting patterns shouldn’t be an issue and secondly that the online tribal insults is a form of free speech – but I have major issues when Luos go about insulting Kikuyus (or any other tribe) online or elsewhere. I should also

President Kenyatta

President Kenyatta was set up by NASA to snub the Presidential Debate

The theories why President Kenyatta snubbed the Presidential Debates are many, but one thing that’s true is that President Kenyatta ultimately gave Kenyans the middle finger, no matter how you want to look at it. Imagine this: Last evening there was a Kenyan who left work early. There was another who made sure dinner was