Jubilee Campaign Strategy

New Jubilee Campaign Strategy – Create problems for Uhuru to solve

Jubilee is busy, busy creating problems for Uhuru Kenyatta to solve. And this seems to be the new Jubilee Campaign Strategy. Jubilee has already created and solved one – the Maraga Petition. Right now they are into the second problem -the Nairobi Matatu CBD Ban. The new Jubilee Campaign Strategy is not a new strategy

Judge Maraga

The Ngunjiri Petition against Judge Maraga is a Jubilee’s orchestrated Game Plan?

Politicians make mistakes, sometimes fatal ones. Kalonzo Musyoka made his when two days to August 8th General Elections he said that Mt. Kenya will lie low. Raila made his in Kajiado when he said those who want to buy land in Kajiado have their homes too, and he continues to make a grave one whenever