NASA Supporters

Why many NASA supporters are planning to boycott October 17th fresh election

Apathy in NASA strongholds is one reason Raila has not become President, at least after 2007, 2013 and now 2017 elections. It is true elections have been rigged in those years, but that’s because he didn’t command a landslide win that no amount of rigging could bridge – a win akin to Kibaki’s tsunami trounce

5 counties

These 5 counties say Raila Odinga will become the 5th President

Is Canaan real? We will know that in less than a week. Less than a week because after the vote is cast on August 8th, the electoral commission has up to seven days to announce the results of the Presidential results. Although we expect the incoming President to be known in a few hours after

Social Media Analysis predicts a 50% win for Raila in the 2017 Presidential elections

Kenyans on Twitter and to an extent Facebook have been accused as being useless in as far as determining the future of this country goes. They have been called cowards, spectators, and comfortable middle class lazy bigots who do nothing other than type on their screens to complain when things seem to go wrong. But

I hate Raila Odinga – but why?

“I hate Raila Odinga”, that’s a confession a close Kikuyu friend made in the height of Raila’s agitation for Okoa Kenya. I asked her why she would hate him that much. Her reasons were not clear but I remember her mentioning Kibera, calls for mass actions in 2007/2008 which she blames for the post elections