It’s the 50th Anniversary for the Central Bank of Kenya, and they’ll be celebrating in style

 The Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) is celebrating 50 years of its existence and service to Kenya. These celebrations involve the CBK’s involvement in several activities, with an Epic Event scheduled for September 14, 2016, at the National Museum of Kenya, Nairobi. Prior to the Epic event, a series of activities are underway as CBK gears up to mark its 50th anniversary milestone. The series of activities include:
1. Kenya Music Festival

This is a significant event for Central Bank of Kenya as it participates for the first time in the context of its 50th anniversary celebrations. The CBK partnered with the Kenya Music Festival as Title and The Mac Sponsor to demonstrate the value that it places on the nurturing and development of youth talent and next crop of leaders.

In particular, CBK’s sponsorship of the festival seeks to provide an opportunity for to grow their financial literacy and artistic talents through music and poetry. At the just concluded Regional and ongoing National level competitions, students have displayed exceptional while performing the theme song composed by CBK Choir Director, Mr. Richard Khadambi. Exemplary talent has also been on display in the creative choral verse messages generated to communicate the mandate of the CBK. The National competitions, which ended on August 18, 2016, were followed by a state concert on August 19, 2016 for all winning categories.

2. Painting Competition

The Bank in partnership with the Kenya Bankers Association is sponsoring an art competition for primary and high school students. The competition will entail students representing the CBK@50 theme through creative and artistic forms such as paintings, collage, mosaic and other creative works of art. Student pieces will be subjected to an assessment after which winning art works will be showcased at the National Museum throughout the CBK celebratory period, and later at the Central Bank of Kenya.

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3. CBK Documentaries

CBK has produced a documentary that captures its history as an institution over the last 50 years. This documentary highlights the key achievements, challenges and lessons learnt over the period as well as the Bank’s vision going forward. In addition to the historical documentary, CBK has produced a second documentary featuring the faces behind the Bank. These documentaries will be aired in different media beginning first week of September 2016.

4. CBK Publications

To document the important milestone CBK has covered over the past 50 years, three publications will be produced and availed as collections for future reference and learning. These are:

i. History and Development of Money in Kenya – This is a coffee table book that chronicles the development of money as an important instrument in facilitation of trade in Kenya and the East African region. The book’s pictorial nature is intended to give an aesthetic appeal to every reader while sharing a piece of history.

ii. History of Central Bank – This book comprehensively documents CBK’s 50 year history. It narrates CBK’s dynamism in fulfilment of its mandate in its operating environment and illustrates the various functions carried out.

iii. The People of Central Bank – The book captures and celebrates past and present staff who have made a remarkable and inspiring contribution to CBK as well as impacted society in different ways.

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