Two Rivers Mall, by Centum Group, officially opened at the Northern Bypass

Yesterday, Tuesday, 14th February, 2017, something was brewing on the Northern bypass. I’m not talking about the commemoration of the lover’s day. Or maybe it was? But a different kind of love. The latest shopping mall in the county was officially opened yesterday after a string of botched launches sited from tenants not being ready yet. I am talking about the Two Rivers Mall that basks between the Northern Bypass and Limuru Road.

The officially opening of the mall took place yesterday. A number of the tenants were up and running on this first day. Though there were stalls (quite a number) that were closed. The launch found them not yet ready. Again.

Chandarana Foodplus was one of the tenants who were all systems go. This was one of the places that flocked with shoppers on the very first day. Their offer of buy 1 get 1 free on hundreds of items was a bait that played quite well judging from the long queues inside the premise. Unfortunately, Carrefour were missing in action yesterday. They are yet to open the doors to clients. Missing from the mall in this category is Nakumatt. Ladies and gentleman, there is no Nakumatt Two Rivers.

In regard to telecommunication companies in the country, Safaricom and Airtel Kenya will both be having shops in the mall. For convenience sake, they are located next to each other. It would have been more appealing if Telkom Kenya got on board also. This would have been a one stop shop for all your communication needs. As of yesterday, only Safaricom Ltd was ready. Airtel Kenya’s shop remained closed.

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After launching at the Hub, Karen towards end of last year, Burger King will be opening its second branch in the country at the Two Rivers Mall. I guess they want their own limelight. Not wanting their launch to be overshadowed by the Malls launch. As such, the opening date is yet to be known but their store is already known. For the ardent lovers of Galitos, Subway and Pizza Hut, you have not been forgotten either. Most of the restaurants are located next to the Riverfront. The scene is amazing and the breeze cannot be ignored.

In terms of electronics, Samsung is pitching its tent at the Two Rivers Mall. We also have FoneXpress, Tecno and Text Book Centre. Yeap, if you do not know, Text Book Centre also deal in laptops and computer accessories. Magic planet, from Dubai, will be setting up two shops at the Mall.

The root-top is packed with banks only. Again, this is for convenience sake to ensure you get firms offering the same service at one location. You will find most of the Banks in the Mall. DTB has even set their 24 hour digital lobby at the Mall. I believe this will be the third in the country. The only Forex Bureau I came across is Junction Forex Bureau.

For your grooming needs you can pay a visit to Leo Salon Spa Barber. This place was almost full on the first day. This is not the only place. There are like three others but their doors remained locked yesterday as others were opening. Nike, Adidas, Bata and Mr.Price are also looking to tap into the Mall traffic.

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The Mall is quite extensive. The Northern and Southern Towers are way a distance apart. Luckily, the washrooms and elevators/escalators have been strategically located in every end. Kids will love the skating area where they can also enjoy the hoverboards. Thought the hoverboards had a tendency to behave like the recalled Samsung Galaxy S7s! Be careful lads and lasses. There is also a recreation area for kids (and Big kids like you reading this article) to unwind. The parking is ample. There are two basement floors dedicated for parking and also a rooftop parking area.

Next we shall look at the kind of technology that has been deployed in the Two Rivers Mall to make the customer experience more bearable.

Mr. Felix
A Math Nerd and a Computer Geek. Currently a Windows 10 Insider. Interested in AI, big data and AR/VR. Takes a keen interest in developments in the tech, business and social media spheres.

Mr. Felix

A Math Nerd and a Computer Geek. Currently a Windows 10 Insider. Interested in AI, big data and AR/VR. Takes a keen interest in developments in the tech, business and social media spheres.

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