MYDAWA: An Innovative e-Health app that gives patients the convenience of ordering prescription drugs from the comfort of their houses


  • MYDAWA is a new consumer focused technology based e-Health service for consumers to buy medicine
  • The innovative service, a first of its kind, provides a new way for Kenyans to access quality medicines and health products affordably and conveniently

MYDAWA is a technology based service that enables consumers to purchase authentic medicines, health and wellness products. It gives consumers the confidence of quality and value for their money.

“I believe in a world where digital technology is an enabler of a better life. Globally, Kenya is seen as a leader in innovation and we aim to harness it in delivering high quality healthcare products, safely, conveniently and affordably. We chose Kenya for this because the environment here is right. Kenyans are not afraid to tackle problems and adopt solutions that fit their needs. Look at the example of the M-Pesa, a world leading innovation with ever growing relevance 10 years after inception.”

Neil O’Leary, Founder, MYDAWA

When you make your order via MYDAWA you are given the option to choose your preferred pick-up point most likely the pharmacy nearest to you. Your order will come packaged thus giving you the privacy that you would so much appreciate as you pick your medicines, health and wellness products. For drugs that require a doctor’s prescription, the platform will prompt you to attach one.

The service promises to deliver within 4 hours after if you make your order between 8.00 am and 8.00 p.m. If you purchase after 8.00 p.m., delivery will be done by 10.00 am the next day. You will receive a confirmation on your mobile phone once delivery has been done and is ready for your collection. As a bonus, the platform is open on each and every day of the week.

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In matters pertaining to privacy, MYDAWA promises that all information provided to them is subject to doctor–patient privilege laws. Unfortunately, the service does not currently accept any insurance plans. Your MYDAWA purchases will be delivered to a pharmacy of your convenience. These collection points will be presented to you at ordering both in a list view and map view. You can also search from the collection points list, for the collection points around your area. accepts the following forms of payment:

  1. M-Pesa
  2. Credit/Debit card
  3. M-Pesa Payment On Collection

Note that they do not accept cash payment. M-Pesa is their mode of cash payment on delivery.

Your order will have a tamper proof seal that should be intact at the point of collection. You will also be able to validate the authenticity of your purchase by:

  1. Scanning the QR code using the Mobile App inbuilt scanner
  2. Sending an SMS of the hidden code revealed after scratching the seal to 70077
  3. Entering the hidden number in the validate your drugs field in both the Mobile app and web portal

To pick up your order, you will need to present any of the following at your collection point:

  1. Original copy of your Prescription (Mandatory for Prescription Medication)
  2. National ID
  3. Phone Number or
  4. Delivery Confirmation SMS with the order number

MYDAWA features a unique track and trace mechanism that consumers can use to verify authenticity of products from source, while offering convenience and privacy to the consumer. It also offers value for money as it does not charge any service fees, transaction or delivery costs.

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The service, a first of its kind globally, has been developed in Nairobi in collaboration with a diverse array of healthcare practitioners. MYDAWA aims to bridge the gaps between healthcare providers and patients thus improving quality and cost of care.

MYDAWA will officially be launched on Tuesday, March 28th 2017 in Nairobi before it’s rolled out in other counties later this year. Nairobian’s can now access and sign up for free on or download the MYDAWA app from the Google Play Store to start purchasing quality medicines and health products.

Mr. Felix
A Math Nerd and a Computer Geek. Currently a Windows 10 Insider. Interested in AI, big data and AR/VR. Takes a keen interest in developments in the tech, business and social media spheres.

Mr. Felix

A Math Nerd and a Computer Geek. Currently a Windows 10 Insider. Interested in AI, big data and AR/VR. Takes a keen interest in developments in the tech, business and social media spheres.

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