I will not vote Jubilee as they play politics with corruption – #DearPolitician by @ChetenetKE

Kenya has faced and continue to face myriads of problems, and if there is one common denominator in all these problems, it is corruption. The problem may seem natural such as famine caused by drought or floods, or calamities such as terrorism, but analysis indicate that these natural and ‘beyond our control’ man made disasters are fueled by corruption. Now, instead of Jubilee tackling corruption head on, the two leaders have decided to play politics with the vice and that’s why I have decided not to vote Jubilee come August 8th elections.

Hardly a week has passed since President Uhuru Kenyatta was in coast where he threatened Chirau Ali Mwakwere to keep quiet or be exposed. “I was shocked when he joined our opponents after giving him the ambassadorial post. Now he is abusing my administration (saying) that we have grabbed land and other silly claims. I am warning him to desist and do peaceful campaigns or I will expose all his ills. I have all his files and I can open them to the public any time,” the President said.

Yesterday Deputy President William Ruto was in Kakamega county to campaign for Jubilee. During the campaigns, the Deputy President publicly blamed Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero for the financial crisis that has faced Mumias sugar since 2012. “Mr Kidero should tell his friend (Raila) to repay the debts he owes the sugar factory so that farmers who are suffering due to financial difficulties and poor management of the factory in the past can be paid their money,” he said.

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The question many Kenyans are asking is this, “If the President has damning files against Chirau Mwakwere, why can’t he forward them to DPP for prosecution?” This is the same question most Kenyans asked online when the news that DP Ruto blamed Kidero and Raila on Mumias woes hit headlines. Right now as I write this both the DP and the President have the executive authority to order thorough investigations on any corruption cases in Kenya, including cases related to the financial crisis Mumias has been having for the last five years. The President and his Deputy, if they had the will, would demand that any person who has been linked to any of those corrupt cases be arrested, prosecuted, and jailed according to the laws of the land.

Instead of the President and the Deputy President exercising their executive authority against the corrupt, they are roaming around the country pointing fingers at the alleged corrupt, and even threatening them with blackmail in the process.

As has been argued before, the opposition could be harboring corrupt elements. The opposition governors may have squandered public funds. But it is the job of the ruling party to bring these people to book. If you go through Auditor General’s reports, you’ll find that almost all Governors have spent public funds in questionable circumstances, but despite having these reports the executive still go to public podium to complain of how helpless they are to fight corruption.

If there is one thing that Jubilee has made clear thus far, it is that they are not interested in tackling corruption. It is for this reason that I have decided not to vote Jubilee, no matter what their other development records may indicate. In light of these, I wonder who in their right minds would choose to vote Jubilee in the forthcoming general elections.

Odipo Riaga
Managing Editor at KachTech Media
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