Jubilee Promised 13,000 kilometres of roads in 5 years – not 10,000 in 10 years #WhateverUrPoliticalColor

Last night Deputy President William Ruto was at Sunday Live hosted by Hussein Muhammed at Citizen. In the show, the Deputy president was put to task not only to showcase the fulfilled projects Jubilee promised, but also to give context to a number of new Jubilee promises for the next five years.

Top of the projects Jubilee promised during the 2012/2013 campaigns was on transport and infrastructure, which was dubbed as a 21st century century transport and infrastructure system. Although we have been told over and again that Jubilee promised to tarmack some 10,000 kilometres of roads, the actual harmonised Jubilee manifesto for 2013 states otherwise. To even confuse us further, DP William Ruto menetioned that the promised 10,000 kilometres of road network was to be built in 10 years instead of 5.

The actual Jubilee promise on roads read as follows:

The Coalition Government will:
Increase the paved road network from the current 11,000km (7%) to 24,000km (15%) in five years using modern development instruments such as concessions, public private partnerships(PPP), Build Operate Transfer (BOT) and Toll and Maintenance arrangements.
From the above quote that can be found in Page 60 of the Harmonised Jubilee 2013 manfisto is very clear that the coalition government will increased the paved road network from 11K kilometers of roads to 24K kilometres of roads in five years, an increase by 13K kilometres of new paved roads network.
However, as much as the government has lied over the actual kilometres of roads it has tarmacked since 2013, the new data indicates that only 1950 kilometres of new roads have been tarmacked. To top up the number to 10,000, both the President and the Deputy President have been on record explaining that some 7,000 kilometres of roads are at different phases of construction countrywide. Last night during the Sunday Live Show, the DP explained that these 7,000 kilometres of roads are under construction in every village in Kenya.

Three lies

On roads, it is obvious that the government has been lying. The lies are in three forms, which are:

1. That Jubilee promised to tarmac 10,000 kilometres of roads. The truth is, Jubilee promised to tarmac 13,000 kilometres of roads, out of which only 1950 kilometres (15%) of roads have been done.

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2. That the promised road network was to completed in ten years. This lie was said yesterday by the Deputy President when Hussein pressed him to explain where the roads they promised in 2013 were. To validate his point, the DP said that some 7,000 kilometres of roads are already in different stages of construction and should be done before the end of Jubilee’s second term. The truth is, Jubilee promised to tarmac 13,000 kilometres of roads in 5 years, and if they were serious about delivering on this promise, by now they could have done over 65% (8,450) kilometres of new roads across the country.

3. The last lie and this was said last night by DP William Ruto was that 7,000 kilometers of roads currently under construction are in every village across the country. I am not sure about your village but of the two villages I live in, none of them have new roads under construction.

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