Joseph Nkaissery Assassination Theories – #RIPNkaissery

Kenya’s Cabinet Secretary for Interior and Coordination of National Government, Major General Joseph Kasaine Ole Nkaissery passed on in the morning of July 8, 2017. The death of Joseph Nkaissery caught all Kenyans by surprise, especially after Kenyans saw him live, alive, and healthy at Uhuru Park prayer meeting. According to the President of republic of Kenya, H.E. Hon Uhuru Kenyatta, by 9.30 PM Gen Nkaissery was still alive and healthy as they were in a meeting discussing matters of peace and national security.

Kenyans reacted to the news of the death of Joseph Nkaissery differently, with some supporters of NASA celebrating the death of the stern general, citing incidences where the former member of ODM had to teargas opposition demonstrators during the call to oust IEBC commissioners. Their major source of anger was the fact that ODM leader Rt. Hon Raila Odinga had to be teargassed too, and also the fact that Nkaissery rejoiced over the abundance of teargas that would be used against the demonstrators if they didn’t stop demonstrating.

Many Kenyans however mourned the death of the great General, terming him as a person who served his employers with dedication, commitment and energy. His stern approach to security matters saw a great reduction in the incidences of Al Shaabab attacks in the city and around the country. Then there are those Kenyans who read mischief in the sudden death of the now former Cabinet Secretary.

One of the first people to read mischief into the death of Nkaissery was a twitter user by the name A Karani Onsomu who tweeted:

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According to Karani Onsumu and many other like minded Kenyans, including the renowned political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi who since the Tyranny of Numbers presentation has been a pro-government political analyst, there is no way Gen Joseph Nkaissery could have died of natural causes. The fact that Nkaissery was healthy the previous day together with the timing of his death indicate assassination, they reasoned.


It is not clear whether Mutahi Ngunyi also thinks that the possible assassination of Nkaissery was done by those in the government, but it is very clear that Karani and a few others Kenyans point fingers directly to the government. Those who point fingers to the government solidify their reasoning based on these points:

1. That Nkaissery was working closely with Raila hence was an ODM mole right inside the government. The claim that Nkaissery was an ODM mole was brought to the public by the predecessor of Nkaissery in the security docket. “Ole Lenku was recently quoted by a section of  the media alleging that Nkaissery is behind the wave of defections of Jubilee Party members joining Cord in Narok and Kajiado” Tuko.coke wrote. Earlier last week, The Star reported that “Bomet Central MP Ronald Tonui has urged Interior CS Joseph Nkaissery to declare if he is serving the Jubilee administration or is an opposition mole. Tonui said the CS’s actions are not those of a legitimate civil servant. He claimed efforts by Jubilee MPs to get access to him have been unsuccessful as he locks them out.”

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2. That certain opposition supporters had warned that Jubilee will use Nkaissery for a while then get rid of him. Joseph Nkaissery

3. That President Uhuru Kenyatta was quick to replace Nkaissery even before sending an official condolence message to the family, or even viewing the body at Lee Funeral Home.

4. That initially the government announced that Nkaissery died at Karen Hospital when he had gone there for check up. However Karen Hospital released a statement that Nkaissery had died at least two hours before being taken to the hospital.

Other than the claim that Nkaissery was assassinated for either being an ODM mole or refusing to help Jubilee with rigging plans, there is also the theory now going round that the initial plan was the assassination of NASA leader Raila Odinga. According to this latest theory, the chair that Nkaissery sat on at Uhuru Park had been prepared for Raila Odinga, and the decision by Raila to skip the Uhuru Park meeting saved the life of the opposition leader, but at the expense of Nkaissery’s life. ODM leaning blog site Kenya-Today has since published this theory  in manner to suggest that the writer believes that his is the true version of events. The theory that first appeared on Facebook read:


This latest theory however has one serious flaw – I do not think he who wanted to assassinate Raila Odinga could have allowed Joseph Nkaissery or anyone else to sit on a poisoned seat meant to poison someone else.

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On the flip side, there are Jubilee supporters who have speculated that the assassination was done by members of NASA. Fingers have been pointed towards Evans Kidero because he gave Nkaissery a hi-five, to ODM leader Raila Odinga, and to NASA in general because it is the political movement being funded by cartels and drug dealers.

Although the government has asked Kenyans to stop speculating on the cause of Joseph Nkaissery’s death until the results of an autopsy are out, there is no reason to be hopeful that any autopsy would reveal the truth behind the death. The theories will thus forever remain theories.

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