Buzeki to crush Mandago while Joho and Oparanya to enjoy landslide wins

During the nominations, Mandago managed to beat his closest opponent Buzeki in Jubilee party primaries despite allegations that Buzeki was the party’s preferred candidate. After Mandago captured the Jubilee ticket, Buzeki went ahead to run on an independent ticket, making Uasin Gishu county one of the most interesting counties to watch during the ongoing political campaigns.

Despite Mandago’s win in the primaries, it seems Uasin Gishu voters want to give Buzeki a try as 54.2% of Uasin Gishu voters will cast their votes for him. Mandago on the other hand will garner 42.1% of the votes, this is according to the latest Opinion Poll by Infotrak Research Consulting that focused on Uasin Gishu, Mombasa, and Kakamega counties.

In Mombasa, incumbent governor Ali Hassan Joho seems to be having a free ride back to governorship. While enjoying a landslide lead with 63% approval rating, his closest rival and Jubilee’s gubernatorial candidate Shahbal Suleiman enjoys a meagre 15.3% approval rating. The person who has committed political suicide is the current Mombasa senator Hon. Hassan Omar, who despite being the current Senator, has won the hearts of some 4.8% of Mombasa¬†voters. According to Infotrak, all elective seats in Mombasa will go to ODM party.

In Kakamega, the current governor and ODM deputy party leader Wycliff Oparanya will have a landslide victory with close to 70% of the votes. As it stands, Oparanya’s approval rating is at 68.3%. The renowned eloquent senator Hon. Boni Khwalale decided to give Oparanya a run of his money, but Kakamega residents seems not to appreciate his intentions of becoming the second Kakamega governor, as only 13.1% would vote for him.

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After the results of these opinion polls were shared online, many agreed that the performance of Joho and Oparanya were correctly captured, but that of Buzeki was erroneous as Mandago will still carry the day in Uasin Gishu. It is however important to point out that if the research was conducted even at 4% error margin, Infotrak would still be 95% confident that at least 50.2% of Uasin Gishu voters will vote for Buzeki. Although the details of the research are yet to be released, I am sure Infotrak conducted their research at the normal 2-3% error margin Рmeaning if Mandago carries the day then their research methodology would be in serious jeopardy.

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