You heard wrong, cholera did break from Karen, Weston Hotel and KICC

You might have heard that the first Cholera outbreak in Nairobi happened in Karen during a wedding ceremony. That the Karen Cholera outbreak saw no less than 5 people hospitalized in Nairobi hospital. You may also have heard that one month later, a cholera outbreak happened in a Nairobi’s five star hotel, the Weston Hotel. You may also have heard that over 60 professionals including two Cabinet Secretaries were admitted in Nairobi hospital after getting Cholera from a KICC event.

You may also have heard that two days ago, the government under the Ministry of Health closed two five class hotels, Jacaranda and San Valencia over Cholera outbreak, but that the two hotels refused to obey the government’s orders. Over the same period, I guess you never heard of any cholera cases reported for Kibera, Mukuru Kwa Njega, Mukuru Kwa Ruben, Outer Ring, Mathare, and/or Kawangware. Well, it seems you may have heard or not heard wrong.

Despite the two facts: Fact 1 – that Cholera outbreaks have been reported in posh estates and five star hotels and, Fact 2 – that close to no Cholera outbreaks have been reported in low class slums of Nairobi, the Ministry of Health has however identified Kibera, Mukuru Kwa Njega, Mukuru Kwa Ruben, Outer Ring, Mathare, and Kawangware as the Nairobi’s hotspots, and totally ignored identifying Weston Hotel, KICC, Jacaranda, San Valencia and Karen as cholera the true cholera hotspots.


I don’t know about you but as an individual I feel scared eating anything from Weston, or Jacaranda, or San Valencia. I also wouldn’t want to eat prepared foods in posh events held in places like Karen. However, I do not feel any danger walking into a fast food joint that serves freshly prepared hot foods. Let me justify.

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The last time I suffered from severe food poisoning was after eating in a five-star like restaurant in down time Nairobi. That was in 2014. Since then however, I have taken foods at Kawangware, Outer Ring joints, and Uthiru joints – and at non of those times did I suffer from stomach upsets due to food poisoning, let alone cholera.

Odipo Riaga
Managing Editor at KachTech Media
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