Why Jubilee/NASA could not have killed Chris Msando

It is exactly one week to elections, a time when the IEBC is supposed to be conducting a national test for its ICT infrastructure for relaying the 2017 elections results. Sadly, and may his soul rest in peace, the IEBC Manager Chris Msando who was in charge of the ICT systems has been found dead at City Mortuary. According to a KTN News reporter, the body of Chris Osando was taken to City Mortuary on Saturday morning at 11 AM.

Earlier, when Chris Msando was reported missing, it was said that the IEBC ICT Manager had been alive and of sound mind as early as Saturday  29th 2017 at 3.00 AM when he sent a text message to his colleagues.

The death of Chris Msando should not surprise the public that much, as, according to a video presentation by Standard Digital, Chris had reported to the police that his life was in danger.

Right now, it has not been established whether Msando was killed or his death was due to any other natural causes. But the circumstances under which Chris Msando became in charge of the ICT Systems at the IEBC for elections tallying and the KIEMS adds a lot of questions to the timing of his death.

If you remember, By the end of May the IEBC’s ICT Director James Muhati had been sent to compulsory leave after he had refused to participate in the audit of the ICT Systems. A few weeks later, Mr. Muhati would be reinstated in unclear circumstances. During his leave, Mr. Msando would take up his place in an acting capacity.

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Following the missing of Mr. Msando, NASA bloggers led by Anwar Saddat claimed that the IEBC Manager went missing so as to allow for a shoddy test of the IEBC ICT Systems during the national trial run.

Moses Kurua has also been entangled in the death of Chris when he posted this on his Facebook:


Assuming that Chris is the latest victim of Political Assassinations, who could probably be his killer? There are only two possibilities, NASA or Jubilee.

NASA could have had the motive to kill Chris Msando so that they gain political mileage, after all, it will be very easy to point fingers at Jubilee. However, if NASA organised for the abduction and final death of Chris, then it would be very easy for Jubilee to investigate and bring to books whoever was behind the death. That takes us to Jubilee.

Why would it be easy to point fingers at Jubilee? The immediate answer is that Jubilee needed to gain access to the IEBC Systems that Chris was managing. The theory claims that when Jubilee approached Christ to help in the elaborate rigging scheme, Chris declined. This then forced Jubilee into abducting him, probably forcing him to give up his login credentials, then killed him. Mind you he was found with a missing hand.

If it is true that Jubilee approached Chris to get help with rigging schemes, but Christ declined , then it would be foolhardy of Jubilee to let Chris go after abducting him, as Chris could have gone ahead to reveal whatever Jubilee was up to to the public.

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But Jubilee killing Chris could be a political suicide, as even immediately Chris went missing, the NASA brigade was already spinning the disappearance of Chris as something Jubilee had everything to do with. As I write this, almost every NASA sympathizer is already reading Jubilee’s hand in the death of Chris.

Then there is the cost-benefit analysis that someone may want to consider. If killing Chris Msando is a political suicide for Jubilee, could they still go ahead and kill him? The answer is a yes, but only if his life was a bigger threat to their end game.

From the above, unless Jubilee is a party of cold blooded killers, the probability of them killing Chris is rather very low. I would actually rate it so so low next to improbable.

So who killed Chris Msando? It could be a friend. A love triangle. A business gone bad. Or even IEBC itself. Possibilities are many, but if the investigations reveal nothing, then I would revise my low probability statements to “very high probability”.

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