The military documents Raila presented were fake, insists Raychelle Omamo

The Cabinet Secretary for Defence Ms. Raychelle Omamo held a press conference this evening to clarify a few issues, including confirming that Col J.M. Owuoth was alive, happy, and at work. The other item that was confirmed was that the documents that had earlier been presented by Raila Odinga as military documents indicating a scheme by Jubilee to use the military to rig the elections were a complete fabrication.

On Friday last week, the NASA principals Raila Odinga and Kalonzo Musyoka held a press conference to detail how Jubilee was planning to covertly use the military to rig the elections. In the press conference, Raila and Kalonzo explained that some of the things Jubilee was planning to do with the military included jamming networks to prevent data transmission from the polling stations, cutting power lines in select voting centers, and cordoning off Kibera and Mathare slums under the disguise of cholera outbreak. Water in certain sections of Nairobi was also to be cut off.

Immediately after the press conference President Uhuru angrily replied to the allegations, accusing Raila of dragging the military into politics yet KDF has remained neutral ever and during this year’s elections. “Shame on you”, the President told Raila. Raychelle Omamo and his CS counterpart in charge of Internal Security Dr. Matiang’i issued a presser the following morning to call the allegations by Raila Odinga and Kalonzo Musyoka as rubbish, baseless and reckless, although she acknowledged in the same presser that she hadn’t seen the documents that Raila had presented as evidence for his assertions.

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Sunday and Monday passed with little being said in regards to Raila’s allegations, only that an IEBC employee in charge of ICT Systems had gone missing but later found dead at city mortuary. Earlier today, and following the events that surrounded the death of Chris Msando, the family of Col. J.M. Owuoth feared that the military spokesman who had confirmed the authenticity of Raila’s documents had gone missing. Prof. Nyong’o held a press conference in Kisumu to relay the fears to the public.

Shortly after, Col. Owuoth issued a statement through the media to confirm that he was not only alive but still at work, contrary to the allegations that he been asked to go home and remain there until further notice. This evening Col. Owuoth accompanied Ms. Omamo in the press conference to both confirm his well being and that investigations had been launched to establish the authenticity and the source of the military documents NASA had released to the press.

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