Rumours that IEBC is deregistering NASA voters is utter nonsense

It is campaigns season one more time and fake news is already in overdrive, two of which are likely to take the Internet by storm. The first is the nonsense that IEBC is deregistering NASA voters, and the second is that Ezra Chiloba, CEO of IEBC, secretly met with Jubilee honchos to set the fresh election date as October 26th, 2017.

On Ezra Chiloba meeting Jubilee honchos to set fresh election date on October 26th 2017, I would bring to your attention that Jubilee most trusted Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i held a press conference a few hours ago and asked the IEBC to conduct the elections before October 17th 2017. The request is based on the fact that the national exams for class 8 students will be beginning around that date.

Back to the rumour going around that IEBC is already registering NASA voters, I would advise you to classify such information as is utter nonsense, unless IEBC is stupid enough to set itself for another nullification of presidential election. As at now, IEBC has only one official gazetted register, a register that has been audited and published. The total number of voters in that register stand at 19,611,423, voters that include 19,601,502 voters registered in ordinary polling stations within the country, 5,528 voters registered in Prisons across the country, and 4,393 people registered in Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and South Africa as Diaspora voters.

For the forthcoming fresh election to be considered above board, then the integrity of the register must be the first thing that is ensured. Jubilee honchos would love for the number of registered NASA voters to be reduced, but if they go ahead and delete up to 1 million NASA voters as purported by the fake news going round then the Jubilee honchos themselves are creating an easy avenue for the nullification of the fresh election in the Supreme Court.

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What Jubilee honchos may attempt to do is change ID numbers of registered voters, such that the register still has the same number of voters, but up to 1 million NASA voters may be unable to vote as their details would be different from what is in the register. But this alternative would raise a national outrage for there is no reason that can be given that someone who voted smoothly in the last election can be denied a chance to vote in the fresh election.

This is why you should ignore and stop forwarding the message quoted below:

“Don’t accept or fill any form purportedly to be a NASA Volunteer. The Kenyan Intelligence is working with Uhuru’s hired Strategy firm Cambridge Analytica. They want to access your phone number so that they access your ID number from Safaricom and proceed to delete the names of at least one million NASA supporters from the IEBC database of voters, using their crooks within the IEBC. Share widely since the gullible youth are likely to be enticed.”

Odipo Riaga
Managing Editor at KachTech Media
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