NASA Supporters already have issues with the newly appointed IEBC Secretariat

Wafula Chebukati, Chairman of IEBC and Returning Officer of the Presidential Election, announced new names to take over the running of IEBC Secretariat. The new names as shared in this other post are Mr. Marjan Hussein Marjan who will coordinating projects, Mr. Silas Rotich to head national tallying centre, Dr. Sidney Namulungu who will be taking care of operations, Ms. Nancy Kariuki who will handle logistics, Mr. Bernard Misati Moseti to take care of training and Albert Gogo to take over the sensitive ICT docket.

The names appointed by Wafula Chebukati have not gone well with NASA Supporters under the leadership of Dikembe Disembe. Dikembe Disembe or Seth Odongo identifies himself as Deputy Director of Communications at ODM Party, and he had some unkind words for Silas Rotich, Nancy Kariuki, and Bernard Misati Moseti.

On Silas Rotich, Disembe claims that he was posted at Central Rift Valley (Nakuru County) as a Returning Officer where there were massive riggings. Disembe says the same of Bernard Moseti who he claims was posted in Samburu as the Returning Officer to oversee massive riggings. Nancy Kariuki is claimed to have suppressed voter turnout in Mombasa and at the same time she declined to print the certificate for Governor Ali Hassan Joho. The only person that has fallen in the good books of Disembe is Albert Gogo who he says was posted in Kitui to oversee a fairly free elections.

The profiling of the new IEBC Secretariat by NASA supporters as led by Dikembe Disembe indicates that NASA Coalition is likely to reject the names fronted by IEBC Chairman. NASA Coalition is not only likely to reject the names based on the tweets from Dikembe Disembe, but also based on the possibility that the coalition was not consulted before the names were selected. Remember NASA coalition has already rejected October 17th as the new date for fresh Presidential Election solely based on the fact that they were not consulted before IEBC settled on the date.

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NASA Coalition is also very likely to reject the new IEBC Secretariat because they had said political players ought to be involved in the appointment of the new secretariat. Their call for inclusion of political parties in reshaping IEBC was done on the basis that IEBC itself cannot be trusted to clean its own house. I hope that as much as NASA will reject the new IEBC Secretariat, they will not go ahead to again issue those empty threats of boycotting the election if IEBC refuses to consult them on the appointment of a better IEBC Secretariat.

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