Surely Kenyans, why do you want to know Albert Gogo’s tribe?

The most powerful person in IEBC right now, other than Wafula Chebukati, must be Albert Gogo. He has just been appointed to head the sensitive ICT docket which had Chris Msando lose his life. It is this docket that determines whether an election is rigged or not, and that’s why all over sudden everyone is interested to know about Albert Gogo, his biography, his profile as an employee of IEBC, and most importantly Albert Gogo’s tribe.

“Where is Albert Gogo from”, “What is Albert Gogo’s tribe”, “Who is Albert Gogo”, “Albert Gogo profile”, “Albert Gogo biography” are some of the many Albert Gogo related search terms that have landed thousands of Kenyans to our site since last evening when we carried the Breaking News article “Albert Gogo takes over from James Muhati at IEBC“.

Over at Facebook, the search for Albert Gogo will also take you to posts discussing Albert Gogo’s tribe and particularly his home county which is said to be Siaya. NASA supporters discussing Albert Gogo have the feeling that finally they have one of their own at the helm of ICT and everything should sail smoothly – or at least ensure that ICT Systems are not compromised. Already NASA supporters have asked Albert Gogo to move with speed to audit the ICT System and share the results of the audit with the public. “GOOD NEWS FINALLY WE WON THE CONTROL OF ICT. CONGRATS ALBERT GOGO. ONE OF OUR OWN”, posted one of the NASA supporters.

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Jubilee supporters on the other hand are not happy. They view Albert Gogo as a Raila henchman who worked with NASA to implant fake evidence on IEBC servers by scanning and uploading fake forms 34A to the IEBC portal. “ALBERT GOGO from Siaya is the new HEAD OF ICT. He is the same guy who made sure the fake forms were scanned and accepted at Bomas. Raila ordered Chebukati that this head of saboteurs must be in charge. Jubilee has the numbers but the saboteurs are at the helm of IEBC to sabotage the re-run”, wrote a Jubilee supporter.

So Kenyans dug into Albert Gogo’s tribe and found that he is a Luo from Siaya. This finding gave NASA supporters hopes that integrity of the ICT Systems will be assured. This finding is also a double edged sword as Jubilee supporters now view him as a Raila henchman who will sabotage the rerun. These interesting views forced me to ask, “surely, what’s wrong with you Kenyans?”

Kenyans seem to forget that the head of IEBC is Luhya and his CEO a Luhya too. Reasoning tribally, we would expect the two Luhyas to have worked together to ensure the election went Raila’s way, given that Raila had majority support of the Luhya nation. However, according to information leaked to the public, the two sons of Luhya nation don’t see eye to eye hence the shambolic August 8th elections.

In 2013, the Chief Executive Officer was said to be a Raila henchman in the name of James Oswago. However, the 2013 elections was one of the worst elections in the country as technology that was meant to assure transparency was sabotaged and made to fail at 40% success rate.

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In the Supreme Court, the Judges who had dissenting opinions to the Court’s ruling are Kikuyu and Luo, whereas the Judges who ruled in favor of Raila’s petition are Kisii, Kamba, Samburu and Luhya. It therefore goes without saying that one being a Luo does not necessarily mean he is a Raila henchman who can either ensure systems work in accordance with the regulations as NASA supporters would like to believe or work to sabotage the election in favor of Raila as Jubilee supporters would like to believe.

The question all Kenyans should be asking in regards to the new IEBC Secretariat is whether those appointed to oversee the rerun election have the intentions, ability, the will, and capacity to ensure a free and fair election.

Odipo Riaga
Managing Editor at KachTech Media
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