NASA Bloggers should stop blaming Peter Munya

It has taken me hours to come to terms that Peter Munya is back to Jubilee, hardly a week after I wrote that he had taken with him some little value to NASA.  Not just me, the news that Munya has gone back to Jubilee has also taken many NASA Supporters and NASA bloggers with surprise, forcing a number of NASA bloggers to dismiss a letter confirming his move as fake news.

On behalf of Peter Munya, the NASA bloggers wrote, “It has come to my attention of a fake letter doing rounds on social media, purporting to have my name. I wish to inform the people of Meru and Kenyans at large that I am firmly in NASA.The merchants of impunity are already running amok on our resolve,as the Party of National Unity (PNU) to join hands in the liberation of our country. I wish to affirm here that no amount of fake news or propaganda will stop our agenda”. This statement is however being pulled down from several of the NASA bloggers’ timelines as the truth slowly hit them that indeed Munya has gone back to Jubilee.

As the truth continued to hit the NASA bloggers hard, they decided to start blaming Peter Munya, some of them saying that the reason Munya decamped to NASA in the first place was so that he could gain political relevance. This argument is being fronted on the assumption that Munya moving to NASA made it difficult for Jubilee to ignore him, hence forcing Jubilee to call him to State House and promise him an appointment in Jubilee government. Others have claimed that the only thing Munya cares about is the size of his belly (tumbocrat), while others using phrases like bim en bim which is a Luo proverb that is closely related to the Biblical saying “a leopard cannot change its spots”. Many on the other hand are saying that Peter Munya lacks a political stand – but I ask, do we have any political stands in Kenya other than Pro Raila vs Against Raila?

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NASA Bloggers should however understand that over the weekend Peter Munya tried to campaign for NASA in Meru. As The Standard would report, Mr. Munya received hostile receptions in several stops, only getting some warm welcome in Igembe Central and Laare Market.

As a politician from Meru therefore, and a person who wants to remain relevant in the political scene for a long time into the future, Peter Munya must have been forced to change tact immediately he realised that he has close to zero support in Meru following his public declaration that he was in NASA. It was important for him to do this before he lost all the support that he still has in Meru County. What NASA Bloggers should do right now is to go back to the friendly relationship they had with Munya prior to the August 8th elections, else NASA will lose even the 55,000 votes that friendly relationship with Munya was able to secure them in the annulled presidential election.

Odipo Riaga
Managing Editor at KachTech Media
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