Musalia Mudavadi resigns from being a NASA Principal

How true is this? No mainstream media is carrying the story, so yes, it is fake news. By the way, the mainstream media is not the best way to verify whether or not a story is fake, they too have been culprits of spreading fake news. So the the rumour going round that Musalia Mudavadi has resigned from being a NASA Principal can only be verified by Mudavadi himself coming out and stating clearly that he is in NASA to stay. He should do so via a live press conference, as another letter to that effect may as well be another fake news.

The news that Musalia Mudavadi has resigned from being a NASA Principal is being spread via a letter purportedly from Musalia Mudavadi himself under the letterhead of Amani National Congress Party (ANC). The letter dated 13th September 2017 addressed to ‘Fellow Principals’ reads, “Due to unavoidable circumstance and following our night meeting that ran through to this morning without reaching a consensus, I hereby tender my resignation as NASA Principal and supporter of the change coalition.

“I wish you all the best in the ongoing contest, with a hope that you will campaign and will not boycott the October 17th election as required by law and for your supporters’ sake.”

NASA bloggers over at Facebook have asked NASA supporters to ignore the letter, terming it a propaganda from Jubilee. “DEAR NASARITES, Kindly Ignore This Propaganda from JUBILEE. They are trying hard to Paint an image of Mass Exodus from NASA so as to weaken and demoralise us. Do Not Fall To The Deceit Of The Devil That is JUBILEE, Neither To Its Angels That Is (Uhuruto). Do not let them win you over. Be firm in God and Trusting In Him Alone That he will deliver us to Canaan”, reads a statement from one the bloggers going by the name Real Wesonga.

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If Jubilee is behind the purported letter by Musalia Mudavadi, I really don’t understand how they would benefit from such a propaganda, as, if Mudavadi is still in NASA he will be seen publicly in NASA campaign rallies.


Just as I said, if Jubilee was behind the propaganda they had nothing to gain. Right now as I write this update Musalia Mudavadi and other NASA Principals are holding a meeting at Okoa Kenya Secretariat offices.

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