A driver drives straight into anti IEBC protesters, injuring several

Several Anti IEBC protesters have been injured when a vehicle ran into them along University Way. In a video shared by Daily Nation on Twitter, at least two vehicles are seen speeding into a crowd of protesters, with the first car hitting two people, injuring them badly. A woman in the crowd cries “wame ua yawa” to signify that the car killed someone.

Kenyans on Twitter have both condemned and praised the driver who ran into the protestors, with those condemning the driver calling for his arrest. Those who have praised the driver have blamed the anti IEBC protesters for listening to Raila Odinga yet he is safe outside the country. They have instead asked the protestors to go to work and leave the anti IEBC demos to Raila Odinga.

The driver has also ignited raw emotions, with many considering him a Jubilee supporters who derived satisfaction from injuring the NASA supporters who were protesting against the IEBC. Some Kenyans have however called for the hatred displayed by the driver to be stopped as it is likely to send Kenya into the frying pan.

In as much as there are Kenyans who are angered by the anti IEBC protestors, it is important to remember that every Kenyan has the freedom to assemble, picket, demonstrate and protest against or in support of any issues they deem important. The raw emotions being ignited by such reckless driving may reach a point where the only way to control them is to declare a state of emergency, or else Kenyans may easily rise against each other in a magnitude that no one wants to imagine.

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The police who are supposed to be offering security to the protesters and also ensuring the protestors protest peacefully were somehow missing from the scene. It is my hope that the driver of the vehicle will be found and brought to book.


Odipo Riaga
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