Take advantage of the huge discounts on OLX Ads

Starting November 9, 2017, sellers at OLX have been enjoying huge discounts on OLX ads. The huge discounts targeting home, furniture and garden products have seen sellers save up to 86% on the OLX ads rates. The discounts are being offered in a bid to woo mobile, home and furniture sellers, where OLX  embarked on a three weeks promotion that will see mobile phone sellers also get 2 featured adverts at a price of 3.

 The featured adverts which OLX introduced, are meant to help the sellers pay a premium fee to have their items appear at the top of the site for a higher visibility.

The featured adverts now cost ksh. 800 for the 7 days, ksh. 1,400 for the 14 days and ksh. 2,500 for 30 days down from Ksh. 3,500, 10,000, and 18,000 respectively. OLX also noted that half of the adverts posted in this category receive at minimum, one potential buyer within 7 days.

“Our home and furniture category ranks fourth among the top categories sellers close deals on in our platform. This is because the category has more than 50% consumer to consumer sellers who come with variety of items ranging home appliances, furniture and décor. To get these sellers selling even faster, we have now cut down our advert prices, thus giving their items more visibility for these products.” Said Mr. Peter Ndiang’ui in a statement.

Mr. Ndiang’ui added that the political temperatures have also slowed down length of time seller’s items are sold hence the introduction of the promotion and price cuts. “We hope to have the home and furniture as well as mobile phone users take up the featured listing and sell faster in our platform.”

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Users can still opt to put up free ads, but according to OLX those who choose to pay for the OLX ads have more than 5 times feedback on their ads compared to those who put up free ads.

Odipo Riaga
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