You can hack the Shs 250 ShowMax Promotion and get yourself one year almost free subscription

We all love free things, don’t we? Okay some don’t, as my wife just told me of a customer who a few minutes ago bought from her a Kshs 600 item for Kshs 1000, as the customer is one of those who can’t imagine buying stuff for less than Kshs 1000. When it comes to ShowMax, there is now a ShowMax promotion where you can subscribe for three months premium bouquet at Kshs 250 only. That premium goes for Kshs 880 per month and if you are like that customer who can’t spend less on quality, then you can still pay for the bouquet at Kshs 880 per month.

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The problem with beautiful promotions is that they always come to an end, quickly. The ShowMax Promotion has been running since October, and although they haven’t issued a statement as to when the promotion will come to an end, it is most likely it will end by December 31, 2017. Of course that means from January 2017 everyone should to go back into buying the premium ShowMax bouquet at Kshs 880 per month before they can enjoy those popular local and international content unique to ShowMax.

But if you are the hacker types then you can actually pay Kshs 250 for ShowMax Premium bouquet every three months for the next 12 months, so that you end up paying Kshs 1000 only for a 12 months premium access, even way long after the ShowMax Promotion has come to an end. To do this, you need to do what is called stacking.

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Stacking is where you pay for future viewing at one go right now.  Using the stacking policy from ShowMax, you can decide to pay for an annual premium subscription for Kshs 1000 only (Kshs 250*4), an amount that would typically give you one month access. That means that you can save Kshs 9560 on ShowMax subscriptions for the next 12 months.

This is how stacking works; if you pay Kshs 250 via MPESA, you get three months premium access. If you pay Kshs 500 still via MPESA, you get six months premium access. This stacking goes up to one year, where if you pay Kshs 1000 you get 12 months premium access.

That is how you hack ShowMax Promotion; by paying Kshs 1000 and you get one year full premium access, instead of for example paying only Kshs 250 that they are telling you to pay to take advantage of the Kshs 250 ShowMax Promotion for three months. Simply multiply that small figure by 4 and enjoy the offer for 12 full months.

Important detail to mention is that the Kshs 250 ShowMax Promotion is only available for MPESA paying customers. If you however decide to pay via Credit Card, Voucher or through PayPal, then you will still have to pay the Kshs 880 for the premium bouquet, and this is how those who don’t want to pay cheap can still feel valuable. Instead of them paying via MPESA, they can still go ahead and pay the higher rates using the other payment options.

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