Why Technology addiction is not good to kids

Technology addiction can be different depending on the electronic gadgets.Technology refers to methods, systems, and devices which are the result of scientific knowledge being used for practical purposes.Technology is very important because it is used for almost everything it has changed people’s lifestyles, communication, entertainment and work. It has helped businesses as well as individuals to elevate to new heights, society continues to witness an equal rise to technology addiction at a faster pace than one can imagine.

Complains are pouring in from parents, teachers, government and individuals. Parents are finding it hard to control their children, they are way too busy with electronic gadgets; mobile phones, video games, television, tablets, notebooks and internet. The following are some types of technology  addiction that kids can be exposed to while in the process using the various technological platforms;

Internet addiction

Internet addiction exposes the kids to online gambling, cyber sex(porn sites and adult chat rooms) and social networking. Some kids feel that the internet provides what real life fails to do. The fictional characters are much more luring than their school professors because they are attractive. They slowly start drifting away from contacts of reality without them even realizing, the time they need to spend online increases and hence performance degrades in real life. Kids are unable to concentrate in class and all they think is what time they will reach home so that they may be online.

Parents are advised to always monitor how much time their children use the computer and mobile devices. This will ensure that the kids are able to balance their time well and be able to concentrate their energies on other ventures.

Video games addiction

It has always been a cause of concern for most parents whose kids spend hours in front of a television or playing video games. They become too preoccupied with the games up to a point of not noticing anything around them. They show lack of control whenever they see their play station lying there unable to handle it and eventually starting to play. At this point they tend to distance themselves from other people. Parents should therefore ensure that the amount of screen time per day doesn’t exceed the age group recommendation.

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Social networking addiction

Social networking addiction is whereby persons do not need to meet face to face to interact as they can use different social networking sites like;Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp. The government should restrict such  sites to children because some of these sitesexpose too much nudity while parents should refrain their kids from introducing their kids to many online social outlets.

Dangers of technology addiction to children


Kids may isolate themselves by walking around in their own little world listening to their leads or staring at the screen even when they around people. Such like behavior is also a challenge to the parents because they are unable to detect if their kids are facing a problem. Lack of contact with other kids in normal day living with friends and other social activities.

At times our kids are even sexually abused by the house helps and if they isolate themselves then it becomes hard for them to speak up. Parents need to let their kids hang out with friends or even take long peaceful walk with their kids and don’t take that iPod or phone with you so that it can give room for both of you to have a conversation.

Lack of sexual boundaries

Exposure to sexual content is likely to happen at a much younger age. The programs being aired on television like the Mexican soap operas has too much kissing, touching and nudity. Parents should teach their children early the importance of moderation and discipline, always praise when your kid demonstrates restrain in the use of technology devices and follows the rule you have set. The government should also ban some programs before 9pm because the content is not for kids.

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Kids may suffer from obesity, spending so much time engrossed to the screen rather than exercising or being active the likelihood of mindlessly eating unhealthy food increases as they are hypnotized by the latest episode of Avatar. Parents should schedule an appropriate time for using the device and plan for physical activities for your child to engage in at times. Also the government should come up with policies that help kids to find their hobbies, it can be swimming, organize for events and competition games, and this will help to distract their minds from spending so much time on mobile phones and video games

Neck and head pain

Too much stare at screens may cause eye and neck strain can that can cause headaches, blurred vision and migraines. Constant looking down at devices can cause back pain and overtime will cause the neck to lose its natural curve.

Social networking addiction.

Many children get addicted to these social networking sites easily that they cannot do anything else without posting on any social network site. They even tend to get frustrated once power gets off in the middle of their conversation that they can break or cause damage to the surrounding. Similarly they may get into a state of depression if any of the electronic gadget is lost or a parent ceases use of it.

Some of these sites expose too much nudity in which children may tend to copy the lifestyle exposing themselves to dangers like rape and molestation.Use of online social outlets exposes children to bad influence for example; drug abuse, smoking and drinking they are able to learn this things from the sites they visit and end up doing them without caution.

Increased bullying

There is a lot of bullying that goes on through these technological sites like cyber bullying which exposes children to a lot of dangers like cyber bullying in which there have been a number of cases where children have committed suicide as a result. This is because bullies infiltrate the security of their victim’s homes through online avenues.

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Proposed policies to curb children’s technology addiction

  • Parents need to limit their children’s timing of use of technology mostly electronic gadgets. They can do so by limiting the hours they use per day then minutes and finally no use of technology per day.
  • Make a time table. Parents need to make a timetable for their children about their daily activities to help them balance their use of technology.
  • Parents need to spend time with their children especially during weekends or during vacation. The children can visit places, get involved in different social activities, make new friends thus using most of their free time away from technology especial electronic gadgets.
  • Government need to implement policies like allowing some public recreational sites to be affordable to general public so that many children can access these sites and help their children enjoy their time of technological gadgets like television.
  • The government can implement policies like subsidization of prices for local children tourists. By so doing many children can access live beautiful scenery and keep of their mind away electronic gadgets thus avoiding technology addiction.
  • Parents and also the government need to implement policies in schools for teachers and parents to always advise children to concentrate on their studies this will help them in keeping their mind occupied and thus reduce their use of technology.
  • Parents need to put filters on their children’s electronic gadgets so that they cannot access sites limited beyond their age bracket.

In conclusion therefore, even though at times with hectic lives we lead, technology may be used to help occupy child’s time. However, it remains important for parents and caregivers to be available to talk, listen, play, visit places and engage with their children so as to avoid technology addiction.


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