Exquisite Photography Locations in Kenya – Photoshoot at Lord Egerton Castle

There are two careers that every body is giving a try – blogging and photography. Today, anyone who can afford a simple non-smartphone non-compact camera considers himself a photographer. By non-smartphone non-compact cameras I mean those compact cameras with zoom lenses, like the one I have. I for example consider myself a photographer although I am many years away from owning a truly professional mirrorless or DSLR camera body. As every Tom, Dick and Hurry join photography frenzy, the renowned photography locations in Kenya have become even more crowded. For example you’ll hardly miss a photographer in places such as Arboretum, Karura Forest in Nairobi and Milimani streets in Nakuru.

A photographer who wants to be unique and different, in addition to exploring different photography styles away from the typical landscapes, portraits, events, and weddings, is now forced to look for new and exclusive locations near and far. To help with the search for new exquisite photography locations in Kenya, I will on a regularly basis be exploring some of the locations that are not so common but are very way better than the now exhausted Arboretum, Karura, and Milimani. To start us off, we are going to head to Lord Egerton Castle, a place located 15 Kilometers from Nakuru CBD. For a more historical and tourism perspective of Lord Egerton Castle, read articles like this and this.

To get yourself to Lord Egerton Castle, the first thing you’ll need to do is to find yourself in Nakuru town. From Nakuru town, you’ll take the Nakuru-Eldoret highway, drive for about 13 kilometers to Ngata, turn left at the junction with Lord Egerton Castle Sign Board, then drive all way to the castle. For those using PSVs, you’ll take the Ngara matatus that are found near Dubai Shopping Mall in the heart of Nakuru CBD, tell them to drop you at Lord Egerton Castle, then take a motorcycle (boda boda) to the castle. Your matatu fare from town to Ngara will be shs 40 while the boda guys will charge you shs 50.

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Once at the Castle gate, you will pay an entry fee of shs 300 as a photographer, and if you were going to shoot people, each of those clients will part with shs 150. There is a special shs 120 rate for students but the students will have to produce their student IDs at the gate.

Photography Locations in Kenya

Nature background at Lord Egerton Castle. This is not the forest referred to in the article. The flowery garden is however somewhere behind those trees.

Once inside Lord Egerton Castle, you will be able to start your photography straight away or opt to first take a tour of the castle. The castle itself has in intriguing love story that some of you may find worth exploring especially in this season of valentine’s day.

On my trip to the castle yesterday, I first did a few shots of my model at the sites shown in the above images (first image is the featured image visible from Home Page of this website) in direct sunlight and got some cool pictures as shown below (unedited).


Photography Locations in Kenya


Photography Locations in Kenya

The photographs can attest how beautiful the castle background can get, and the limitations will be a photographer’s own creativity. Also, as a photographer you will be allowed to take shots right inside the castle that will enable you explore window lighting, vintage background, and several other cool photography options. I however didn’t explore the indoor shoots in yesterday’s trip to allow me have different shots in my next trip.

Talking of photography options, the castle also has a forest area for those who love forest photography, general grassland areas for sit-down and lie-down photoshoots, and even a flowery area for coloured background images. Sit-down photography is not limited to sitting on the grass though, as the castle also has benches on several sites with the location from where one can take some nice cool shots.

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Lord Egerton Castle

Lastly it is important to mention the vast nature backgrounds offered within the location. Of course I have already mentioned the forest, the flowery garden, and the grass. But even at the castle arena there are trees that can allow you to both have nice distant blurry leafy background or even allow you to place the castle itself in the background. Finally the castle also has a path where you can have your model do some cat walks as you test the burst mode of your camera.

That will be all from Lord Egerton Castle as one of the Photography Locations in Kenya. If the location interests you you now know what to do. If you want your portraits taken by me at the locations then do not hesitate to WhatsApp me at 0723151116.

NOTE 1: This weekend we will be having a photoshoot experience at Oloolua Nature Trail in Karen which is also one of the exquisite Photography Locations in Kenya that few know about. WhatsApp the above number if you want to join.

NOTE 2: The model featured in this article is Jayne Kangara. You can still WhatsApp the number above if you want to work with her.

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