How Samantha can spice up your long distance relationship

Good news to those in long distance relationships; there is a new and better way to have sex with your partner today, and Samantha has little to do with it. It’s called Virtual Reality. Alright, look at it this way – your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend has to go to Canada either for further studies or as a result of a deportation. You are left here in Kenya and within weeks you start experiencing dry spells until you can no longer hold your peace. What you gonna do?

Some couples in open ended relationships agree that for the sake of preventing dry spells, a partner may get a temporary remedy nearby but for as long as attachments don’t creep in. Others agree that their fingers can do the walking aided with online sex chats either via text, voice or video calls.  It is this second option where couples agree to do regular online sex with the help of their fingers that technology has since made much better and more intimate.

With new technologies such as Virtual Reality and Samantha, couples do not have to engage in imagined mental stimulations anymore, but can interact virtually as though they are in the same room. Virtual Reality will for example ensure that you and your physically separated partner interact as though you were in the same room – the same bedroom.

Virtual Reality Sex startups have come up with several interesting solutions to the way sex is experienced on VR. For example a Japanese developer Tenga came up with a suit that can send touch sensations to the body, that once a VR user wears a VR headset like the Oculus Rift in order to interact with a non-existent sex partner, the body suit touches the man sensationally to help “cheat” the man that he is having an actual sex. There are also renowned porn sites that have ventured into the Virtual Reality sex where they both provide interactive platforms through which users can have sex with either real or non-existent sex partners, and also sell sex aids like dolls, dildos, and even robots like Samantha that play the physical touching intercourse that makes the sex experience realistic.

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In a world where virtual reality sex platforms exists, not only to help people have sex with their crushes or versions of their crushes online, the importance of sex robots such as Samantha cannot be wished away. When Samantha entered the Kenyan market sometime in December last year, many women and some men condemned the robot has immoral, unethical, a home wrecker and interestingly a creation that demonstrates just how the world has come to an end.

However, when looked at with the lens of futuristic technologies that change the way we interact, meet, eat, and shop, Samantha cannot be condemned as an evil Satan whose purpose is to wreck families and catastrophically bring the world to an end. On the contrary, Samantha in conjuction with Virtual Reality should be viewed as a technology to spice up relationships and in particular broaden sex experience, including sex experience of individuals that are generally shy to ask live human females for sex.

What you need to understand is that with Samantha and Virtual Reality, you no longer need to fantasize sex experience. Instead, you can always have the real thing albeit with different partners (mentally) even though the physical delivery is with the same thing that’s better than the fingers doing the walking.

Odipo Riaga
Managing Editor at KachTech Media
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