You can actually get out of those irritating Safaricom Promo Text Messages

Look at this irritating Safaricom Promo Text Message:

Safaricom Promo Text

The problem with this Safaricom Promo Text Message, to me, is twofold: first I have never found myself in a situation where I need to Okoa Jahazi. Secondly, the only one time I wanted to try out the Okoa Jahazi instead of buying airtime directly from my bank account (I reasoned that the bank process was more expensive than the 5/10 interest charged on Okoa Jahazi), Safaricom found me unqualified for the Okoa Jahazi airtime loan. This is despite the fact that my line has forever remained very active on a daily basis since I bought it back in 2005, and the fact that at the time I wanted to try out the Okoa Jahazi service, my airtime balance was practically Shs 0.

Even though Safaricom knows that I am not qualified to borrow their Okoa Jahazi Airtime, over the past several months they have not failed to send me the irritating Safaricom Promo text messages sometimes twice a day, other times once every two days. The irritation got the best of me until I took the issue to them via their customer care Twitter handle.


And I am right. Users of Safaricom and any other network ought not be bombarded with promo messages from the providers. This is because we do not use their services for free, but we pay for them sometimes dearly. If Safaricom intends to advertise any of their services, they are required by natural law to spend the money they get from us in advertisements in places like on radio, on TV, on newspapers, on Facebook, Twitter and any other places they think those interested in those services they offer can get them. If however they insist on bombarding us with their irritating promo texts, they need to pay us by giving us free services e.g. free text messages.

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The good thing about Safaricom is that they act very fast whenever they receive a complain. It didn’t take long before one of their customer care representatives got back to me saying that my number has forthwith been unsubscribed from all of their Safaricom Promo text messages:

So, if you have been receiving those annoying Safaricom Promo text messages, and you didn’t know what to do about them, now you know. This I say because there are those who get annoyed by the Safaricom Promo text messages to the point of blocking both Safaricom and MPESA messages. The problem with blocking Safaricom and MPESA altogether is that you will not be notified even when you receive an actual MPESA notification alerting you of the cash you have received.

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