How shs 15 billion MbeleNaBiz fund will be distributed to jobless youths

The government of Kenya has been struggling to create employment for the youth. Research indicates that nearly 9,00,000 young Kenyans are jobless while more than 1 million others graduate to join the job search every year; in which only 10% manage to get formal employment. Due to low level of unemployment opportunities, many youths end up doing very unproductive jobs as others opt for undesirable income sources such as robbery and prostitution. To alleviate the challenges facing unemployment, the Kenyan government has decided to partner with four institutions that will help provide and distribute some shs 15 billion meant to act as seed money businesses owned by the young people. The government hopes that this move  dubbed MbeleNaBiz will in turn create employment opportunities to many of the jobless youths.

The institutions that the government has partnered with include Micro and Small Enterprises Authority (MSEA), Ministry of Public Service, Youth and Gender Affairs (MPYG), World Bank and KPMG. World Bank is the main contributor of the shs 15 billion. With the Kenyan government, they created a competition dabbed MbeleNaBiz business plan completion. According to his statement yesterday during the launch of the competition, unemployment wasn’t the main goal. MbeleNaBiz does not target youth directly, it targets promising youth entrepreneurs who have a business idea or an existing business to support them with large business grants, with the ultimate objective to create jobs for other youth” said Carlos Felipe Jaramillo, World Bank County Director for Kenya, Eritrea, Rwanda and Uganda.

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According to CS for Trade Peter Munya, the process for determining the winner will be transparent and professional. Since many government projects and initiatives usually experience a lot of malpractices. The competition aims at awarding 750 winners. 500 winners will each get Shs 9,000,00 while the remaining 250 will be awarded Sh3.6 million each. Sh15 billion has been set aside for the whole competition. KPMG leading auditing firm in Kenya will be in charge of implementing the whole project. The young women are encouraged to apply for the competition since they usually shy from such projects.

This will so far be one of the best government initiatives to create youth employment. The entrepreneurs will also create more employment opportunities if their business idea is a master class during the competition. Thus many youth will be able to secure jobs from their own youths. With this MbeleNaBiz business plan competition, the government has really bridge the employment gap. The government should be on alert not to allow any interference from either politics or other selfish individuals. That’s the only thing it can promise us.


Adrian Opiyo

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